Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Currently... Vol 4

You guys have no idea how much I've missed you - and how much I've missed posting here on The Written Word(s)! But I'm back now, it's time to party! 🎉

Keep in mind, my idea of a party involves cases of Fanta and a massive supply of board games XD

I hope that all of you have been managing to stay happy, healthy, and mentally sane throughout the course of this pandemic. Seems like plenty of areas in the US are beginning to open up, meanwhile in Canada our case numbers keep climbing - and to think we were laughing at the way the US was handling COVID this time last year 😬 It's probably karma.

Regardless, I have had a lot in my life change since my last

Currently Planning...

... My First Camping Trip! No, that was not a typo - I'm actually planning to go camping in the near future. And we're not talking "paid site with power and water hook-up to the RV" kind of camping - More like "Crown lands, back woods, possible portage-ing" kind of camping. And yes, this would be my very first experience with camping (from what I've heard, sleeping in a tent in the backyard with my friends doesn't count as camping).

I'm equal parts excited and nervous. Well, okay, maybe 45% excited and 55% nervous, but can you blame me? I've never gone camping before and this first trip will be taken without any training wheels. Back woods camping is a huge passion of my boyfriend's, and despite my anxiety about this trip, I'm looking forward to giving it a genuine shot. Who knows? Maybe I'll really love being in the middle of nature without a Wifi signal! (that surely came off as sarcastic, but it wasn't... Not entirely, anyway 😅)

Either way, I'm planning on filming as much of the trip as I can, plus I'll be taking a bunch of pictures. I'll tell you guys all about my trip once I'm back. We were planning on going during the May long weekend, but our lockdown protocols got extended, so now outdoor activities are banned until June 14th at the earliest. If Alan has his way, 

... A Design Refresh for TWW(s) & More Blog Content! After a little goofing around with Canva, I ended up creating what I believe is a pretty great re-design of the TWW(s) logo. I was so happy with my creation that I kept going, and I ended up designing a new banner image to go right along with the new logo! I don't want to spoil it, but I can assure you, it's super pretty 💖

The new graphics still need a little tweaking, but as soon as they're ready I'll be rolling them out on the site all at once. Along with all the pretty new pictures and colours, I may be making a few layout changes to the blog, although I'm not 100% certain yet. I'm always open to suggestions and recommendations though! Especially from my amazing readers.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Wednesday Wish Lists - PS5 Edition

Okay, so it's no longer Wednesday, but better late than never! 😆 Plus it actually works out that I'm posting this today, because today marks the global release of Sony's newest console, the PlayStation 5! And I am proud to tell you that I was able to pre-order my own console, and I will (hopefully) be picking it up today, probably right around the time this post goes live.

That being said, I didn't pre-order any games to go with the PS5 (because the cost of the console itself was enough self-indulgence to last the next 10 years XD). Luckily I ordered the version of the console that includes a disc drive, and the system is backwards compatible, so it's capable of playing PS4 games. I don't actually own a PS4, but my ex does and I did buy one PS4 game for myself 2 years ago, so I'll still have something to play once I get this new console set up! That being said, a big chunk of items on my Christmas list this year will be games for the PS5, and I thought I'd have fun showing you all the top 5 PlayStation 5 games I'm hoping to receive - either under the Christmas tree or sometime in 2021, since not all of these titles will be out in time for the holiday season.

Game #5: Marvel's Avengers!

Fun Fact: I once cosplayed as Kamala Khan when attending the Marvel-themed Geek Girl Brunch event in Toronto back in 2015. Specifically, I wore the outfit pictured on issue #1 of Ms. Marvel that came out back in 2014. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my cosplay to show you, my bad everybody 😓

Honestly, this game wasn't even on my radar until a week or so before its release. A friend of mine told me about how excited he was to play it, and he actually stayed up until past midnight when it came out, both to play it as soon as possible and to stream himself playing it. When he told me about it, how there was an actual plot within the game, and that it starts off with Ms. Marvel essentially bringing the members of the Avengers back together, I immediately wanted to play. This iteration of Ms. Marvel, aka Kamala Khan, was the focus of the very first comic book I ever bought, and I absolutely adore her, both as a character and for the nostalgia factor.

Game #4: Cyberpunk 2077!

I'd heard about this game through my ex-boyfriend, who showed me one of the earliest teasers from the game years before any gameplay would be ready to be showcased to the public. I knew he was excited for the game, and that had me slightly excited by proximity. But I really started getting excited for this game leading up to and after E3 2019, where they showcased a trailer for the game, as well as revealed a particular celebrity who would be playing a character in the game. Because that moment at E3 2019 was too remarkable for words, I'll include the video below so you can see for yourself - maybe it won't feel as thrilling as it did while watching this streaming live from California, but maybe it will still get you hyped for this game.