Friday, December 20, 2013


In My Mailbox: 2 Items!

Item #1: Christmas Card from fellow vlogger Ashley

After work I came home with mellieeggo, who was with me in order to film a vlog that I was behind on, and we were expecting another friend of mine as well. My mother (as swell as ever) set both envelopes on the end table in the living room, which I caught sight of as soon as I came into the house. I almost ditched my friend in order to read my mail (especially since one of the items waiting for me was a package!), but I didn't forget my manners and just brought my mail into the dining room as I invited my friend further into the house.

Soon enough, my other friend Morgan arrived. Now, let me tell you quickly, my main group of friends consists of 4 girls. I went to high school with all of them, but I was also in the same kindergarten class as two of them, the two that came over for this video. One of my friends alone is quite energetic usually. When you pair 2 or 3 or all 4 of them up, however, the energy borders on chaotic. They're loud and extremely hyper and typically when I've got my friends at the house my mothers goes to hide in her bedroom to get away from the noise and shenanigans.

So we got to filming a video together. We were planning on doing a Christmas Craft together, a felt lollipop ornament to be exact, ones that my mom has been making for years. I also had each of them tell a holiday story. I talked about a story regarding my mom's Christmas clock, Mel talked about one time she got drunk at a Christmas party, and Morgan talked about when she got the Sweeney Todd movie for Christmas one year.

We happened to be taking a break from filming because I had filled up my SD card (it took SO long to film all 3 stories with how the hyperactivity among the 3 of us kept interrupting things), so I decided to open up the card first. I loved how unique the card is! It's not often you're going to get a card that says "Merry Christmas from Hong Kong", right?

Then I opened it up, and Mel, looking over my shoulder, said "Oh look, it'a a snowflake!" as she picked up the folded, creatively cut white paper that was inside the card. Instead of racing to examine the snowflake more closely, which was what my friends were doing, I decided to read the card.

Inside it said:

Hey Kacie

How are you? Happy Holidays.
I've really enjoyed going back over 
old vlogs and getting to know
everyone. Very excited to be adding 
into the mix. Hope you have a wonderful holiday
season and a very happy new year.



PS. It's snowing Who?
If you said the doctor, you are correct :)

I'm very glad Ashley thought of me, and sent me such a nice card. As I was thinking this, I heard Morgan's voice suddenly go loud, making me jump.


And she wasn't kidding; the snowflake that Ashley sent me was made up of Daleks and Tartuses, which are of course from the TV show (and lifestyle, to a lot of nerds) Doctor Who.

Creative, right? I should mention, this is the girl that for her introduction video wrote and composed her own song and sang it, along with playing guitar.

So my friends freaked out and fawned and we filmed their reaction to unfolding it. If it wasn't made for me I might've let one of them keep it, for how much they seemed to love it.

Truth be told, I'm not really a Doctor Who fan - I've only seen a couple episodes in full. Not that I won't be a fan one day though - I bet if I watched the show from the beginning (the modern beginning at first, the 9th Doctor I believe) I would grow to love it pretty quickly.

I really do love the snowflake - it's such a cool idea! I remember when I tried making paper snowflakes when I was younger; they never really turned out all that well. I couldn't even make paper hearts! I'm going to be saving the snowflake and the card - as I do with all the mail I receive - forever.

Item #2: Christmas Card & Gifts from my Pen Pal Diana

Shortly after getting a full letter from her, here I was receiving an actual gift!

I didn't open the package until after my friends left to go see the new Hobbit movie. Truth be told, because of my SD card filling, I had to transfer the video files to my laptop. And it took 25 minutes! So we ended up making our lollipop ornaments during that time. Since I didn't get to film any shots of the crafts getting made, I'm not actually sure I can use any of the footage that I did get to shoot. I'm not completely positive about that yet - I'll figure it out once I take a look at it.

So first I opened the card from my darling pen pal, and here's what it said:


After reading - and smiling :) - at her card, I moved onto the actual gift. The first picture below is what the card envelope and the wrapped gift, and the second one is a picture of the gifts.

Nice, eh? I got a big peach-coloured ring, a fancy own ring, and a braided pink bracelet.

Diana always sends me the coolest stuff! She downright spoiled me for my birthday. I got a Hufflepuff necklace, a pair of black rose earrings and a gold ring that looks like pink sunglasses and a mustache.

I decided to show off some of my gifts right away and took a quick picture to put up on Instagram.

I didn't used to be into Instagram at all. I first got into it when I was doing a blog for school, which I still have up and is called Geeks Run The World!. I tried out Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest in order to get into something new that I hadn't tried before. So far I find Instagram to be pretty interesting, and Pinterest, but I don't fully understand Tumblr just yet.

I suppose that's it for now. Sorry that this post was so long, I'm still getting the hang of this new blog. I'm sure I'll settle into a rhythm soon.

- From the Desk of TWW -

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