Sunday, December 22, 2013


Going Out In My Mail Bag Today: 1 Item!

One of the Postcrossing cards I had sent out had been received by a lovely lady in the Netherlands, so it came time for me to get another postcard sent out.

I particularly liked the lady from the Netherlands; she suggested that people should include their favorite quotes on the card, since she was keeping up a collection. I decided to share with her two of my favorite quotes:

"The way to know life is
to love many things"
- Vincent Van Gogh

"You're only a secondary
character if you let
yourself be"
- Lydia Bennet,
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

In case you haven't noticed by the second quote, I'm a huge fan of the LBD series, as well as Emma Approved.

Yesterday was also quite the day to be trudging out to the mailbox. It wasn't snowing, as one might expect happens 24/7 in Canada, but it was raining, a lot. The weather channel called for freezing rain, and it wasn't yet freezing, but it was certainly wet, and I, along with my violin case, got soaked on the way there.

Yep, I play violin. I go on a bus from Welland to St. Catharines every Saturday for lessons. I've been taking lessons for a little over a year, and I'm really not any good, but at least I'm learning.

Anyway, sorry for de-railing this post. So I sent out this lovely Postcrossing postcard to a guy in Taiwan. Truth be told, for all of the postcards I've sent out so far, I've used a large supply of Toronto postcards I picked up when I was in the city in October for an Anime North Halloween event. I was intending to send them to the girls I vlog with, but this was before we brought 2 new alternative vloggers into the group and I had only bought 9, one for each girl and one for my pen pal.

Here's a sample of the other cards I've sent out since joining Postcrossing:

I've only got a couple left, truth be told. There aren't too many pretty postcards to be found in Welland, unless your idea of pretty consists of a Caribou or a Beaver.

Luckily, the internet seems to be filled with sites where you can buy tons of gorgeous cards. One site in particular that I love is called RedBubble, where you can purchase original designs on prints, T-shirts, cards and, most amazing, vinyl stickers. I've used this site to pick up some gorgeous stickers for a while now, which decorate items such as my XBOX 360, my door and the side of my bookcase.

And, even if everyone on Postcrossing may not appreciate them as much as I do, I happened to put some specific postcards on my Christmas list this year. They're from CafePress, and they include characters from one of my favorite movies The Princess Bride.

For anybody that both recognizes and appreciates these postcards, kudos; you're automatically awesome!

Also, there's actually a lot of sites where you can pick out - and even design your own - postcards, where you can get a discount through Postcrossing. Here is a link to a post with a list of sites and discount codes for anyone that may be interesting.

I have on more thing to share; yesterday was also my sister-in-law's birthday. We went to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Welland, then a group of us went bowling. Afterwards everyone went back to my brother and sister-in-law's house, but I decided I wasn't up for partying and more drinking, so I headed home on my own. Outside the bowling alley, as we waited for a cab, my sister-in-law did happen to spot something quite funny; and since this post is all about mail, I figured it was relevant.

I put it up on Instagram with the caption "Only in Welland . . ." XDD

That's it for now! I'll keep you posted!

- From the Desk of TWW -

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