Thursday, January 9, 2014


(photos to come later - technical difficulties)

Items In My Mailbox: 2 Items!

Item #1: Postcrossing Card!

Let me tell you - Monday was not my ideal kind of day.

It started off in very much the same way that the previous day ended - I mean that literally. I didn't get a wink of sleep, for whatever mystifying reason. Unexplained insomnia is most definitely one of life's great downfalls.

After finally letting myself out of bed at 5:09, a minute before my alarm was set to go off, I tried to be productive my making myself a nice hot drink (Apple Cider, not coffee), getting dressed, making breakfast, getting my bag together, all of those fun things. My class started at 8 and only ran for 30 minutes, it being the first week of classes and all.

Deciding that it was too early to go home and pass out, I decided to brave the St. Catharines bus system in my sleep-deprived state, almost nodding off numerous times, to go and hang out with the guy I've been seeing recently. He was fairly tired too, having slept long enough to miss the bus to his first class, so we just relaxed for a while at his placed and watched the movie Paul, which we're both big fans of. Eventually we grabbed a bite at the pub by his place and when I was done eating I began probably the longest and coldest trip back home that I've ever experienced. I had to wait outside for both my buses, once at the stop by the pub on my own and once at the terminal waiting for the driver to return to the bus and let us all in. When I got back to Welland, instead of walking home like I normally would, I actually called a cab. With how tired I was and with how cold it was and with how strong the winds were, I was afraid I'd fall over sometime before I got home and be unable to get back up.

Long story not-so-short, not the greatest day. But what great thing to come home to but a particularly beautiful post card written by somebody from the US. In her message on the back, she not only talked about she is also a fan of the UK and the culture there, but also about how she is a geek just like me. It really brightened what had been a rather abysmal day. And then came what I tore into next.

Item #2: Secret Santa Package from Fellow Vlogiggle Aly!

It came, it came, it finally came! :D

All 11 of us girls that vlog together on one collaborative channel decided to do something of a Secret Santa exchange this December so that we could all receive a Christmas gift without any of us having to go broke. The price limit was $50 before shipping costs, and the majority of us seemed to receive their gifts before the 25th of December. One of the vloggers was unable to participate for financial reasons, but the rest of us have at the very least sent out our gifts and received one as well. I sent out mine to noxy, who I believe received hers before Christmas. A lot of the vlogiggles opened their packages as soon as they got them, but for noxy's I wrote on the box "Do Not Open Until December 25th. #revenge >:)" The revenge comes into play where she sent all of us a package and we couldn't open it for 2-3 weeks, which was mighty difficult. Hope she enjoyed having to wait :P

And on Monday on one of the coldest of days, I had not only a post card but a box to come home to! Even before I opened the box clearly from Aly, I was already happy, just to have been in somebody's thoughts long enough to have put together a package meant just for me.

I received so many great things. A sweet card, a Misa Amane plushie from Death Note that I really love, some cool air mail.snail mail rub-ons, really cool printed tape, a copy of Wall-E on DVD, a "geek girls" bracelet (one that I think all the vlogiggles should get, it's a really cool bracelet), a cute cell phone charm . . . And so, so much more.

Not sure if Aly is reading this, but if you are Aly, thank you SO much for all the great stuff, I really loved it. Also I watched your Resolutions video and I'm really glad that you're back to making videos because I missed you so much.

Think that's it for now. When I'm finished with the class that I'm currently writing this post in the middle of (I know, I'm a bad student), hopefully I can go home and make a new video before I have to go to work and I'll make the other vlogiggles proud! Until then, I'll make sure to keep you guys posted!

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  1. Yay! I am glad you liked it =) I saw that Death Note plushie at work and I knew I had to get it for you.