Monday, January 13, 2014


Items in My Mailbox Today: 3 Items!

Item #1: Cave Johnson Talking Portrait from ThinkGeek

It's been quite a few years since I was first made aware of ThinkGeek, but since then I've been constantly marveling at the amazing (and official) products they offer that I've either desired down to my very core or just downright laughed at (because, let's be honest, we all love the idea of a Blood Splatter Pillow in theory).

Anyway, this lovable Cave Johnson Talking Portrait is a great piece of memorabilia from the Portal 2 game, and I have been positively geeking out about it since it arrived on my front porch. My mother read one of the quotes that was on the back of the box and all I said to her was, "You're currently wondering why exactly I'm into this stuff, aren't you?" to which she quickly answered with a resounding, "Yep!"

So sure, it's a weird item to be excited about, I get that. Without having any idea what this thing is, it's obvious that this is nothing more than a creepy looking port- "Oh shit, the painting just said something!" (did I mention that this portrait has motion control?)

Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to have the sensor on, since it would annoy the shit out of my mother, so when I want to hear words of wisdom from Cave Johnson, I have to hit the button on the back. This painting has a few choice quotes that I really love. The only one I haven't actually heard for myself yet would be the infamous "Lemons" monologue, which I'm saving for later.

Item #2: Postcrossing Post Card from London!

Now isn't that just gorgeous? Postcrossers are continuing to send me mail with images from the UK, and I love it! And Postcrossers that are from the UK are even better!

This particular postcrosser happened to mention that they were a doctor, but enjoyed making arts & crafts in their spare time. I'm planning on messaging them sometime soon, both to thank them for the card and to also ask whether or not they would be interested in some sort of handmade exchange, or would at least be interested in receiving one of the beautiful handmade cards that my mother made for me for my birthday.

Item #3: Gorgeous Thermal Nail Polish from BlackSheepLaquer.

So there is a story here that I must share with you.

I saw this particularly awesome Coral Thermal Nail Polish used by an iggle I follow on Twitter and Instagram, @etourneau, aka Amy and so I decided to check out the site from which the polish came from. And I was happy to see that there were other thermal polishes offered on the site, although the thermal polish I'd seen in the coral colour wasn't available on the site. Nevertheless, I ordered a small size bottle in the colour titled Smells Like Teen Spirit, which is a nice icy blue.

When I placed my order, it gave me the option to leave a note to the store owner, so I just told her how I heard of her store from Amy's Instagram and how I was really looking forward to trying out her polish.

Not too long after I placed my order, I got an email from the shop owner, Erin. Her message basically told me how the colour of polish I ordered had a more subtle change in colour between when it was cold and it was warm, and if I was willing to wait until she received the proper pigment, she would include a small bottle of the coral colour, Lips Like Sugar, for free!

Hearing this, I was not only ecstatic at the idea of getting something cool for free, but I was just immediately happy that somebody could be so kind of of nowhere like that. Some might chalk it up to be caused by the Christmas season, since this all happened before Christmas, but I doubted that was all it was, and shortly after receiving Erin's email I got a bit of proof that I was right.

There you have it - confirmation from the one that started it all :)

It may be hard to tell from the picture of the package, but there are actually three bottles of polish that I received. I thought at first that she might've sent me a second bottle of Smells Like Teen Spirit, that maybe there was some sort of promotion going on when I decided to buy the small bottle, 2 for 1 or something, but truth be told it actually looks like an entirely different colour. If I had to guess, she also sent me a bottle of Fire and Ice to try out!

The reason that I've decided to tell this story is not to teach people that if you pretend to be really nice when you buy things online that you might get free stuff - that isn't what I'm saying at all, and nobody should ever attempt something like that, especially towards creative people working to make an honest living. But I felt that I needed to share this story as a real life example that there is kindness in the world, more often than not in the most unexpected of places.

I plan on writing about BlackSheepLacquer again, next time when I actually get a chance to try out the polishes, and I will be sure to include some good pictures :)

That's it for received mail. Tomorrow I'm hoping to tell you all about things that I will be sending out in the mail in the near future. Don't worry, I'll keep you guys posted.


  1. I am sitting here grinning like an idiot, mostly because I was cool enough to be mentioned on your blog, but secondly because I'm glad someone pays attention to my pretty nails, haha! I have absolutely no doubt that you will LOVE the polishes that Erin sent you -- and I'm so jealous you got your hands on Fire and Ice! I can't wait to see pictures of all of your goodies!

    People like Erin are the reason that I enjoy buying handmade so much. I do as much holiday and birthday shopping on Etsy as I can, because behind every shop is (almos) always an awesome owner.

    And... I miss PostCrossing so much, I really do need to sign up again. When I was moving out of my apartment a few months ago I found my huge postcard stash and got so distracted going through and reading them all again.

  2. Oh my goodness, you two just turned my crummy day upside down. :-) it's people like you that make this business so much fun!!
    I'm glad you are happy with them!
    (I love thinkgeek so much, I did most of my Christmas shopping there this year!)