Thursday, January 30, 2014


Items In My Mailbox Today: 3 Items!

Items 1 & 2: Postcrossing Postcards from the Ukraine & Denmark!

So typically for me, Tuesdays are my days brought to me from hell - or at least a university's student's version of hell. I have a bunch of seminars and lectures clumped together with no breaks in between and I don't end up getting home until late when I left the house to head for classes at noon. Compared to others who have 9-5 jobs that they have to slug through 5 days a week or looking at students that have more than 4 courses that they're trying to keep up with right now, I really shouldn't complain - but of course, it's in my nature to complain, so why stop now? :P

This particular Tuesday wasn't so bad, and that probably had a lot to do with the caffeine in my system and the fact that instead of paying attention in my classes I spent most of the time working on roleplay posts. I think I may have very well found the trick to beating the slog of Tuesdays!

Either way, when I got home, it was still an absolute delight to see three things waiting for me from the mailbox when I returned home in the evening. The first thing I saw are were these two postcards, one big and colourful and the other with a very beautiful (and artistic, in my opinion) photograph.

Item #3: Happy New Year card from Fellow Vlogger Rebecca!

When I looked at the envelope sitting among the two postcards that I received on Tuesday, it took me a moment to decipher the return address and figure out who it was from. The first thing that caught my eye was the city. 

"Chevy Chase . . ." I mused to myself. "Chevy Chase . . . I know I've sent things to this address before, it's one of the vlogging iggles, but which one?!"

Then it hit me, just around the time I was able to decipher the name above the return address, or at least the first initial, R. She wrote R and then her last name, and then I was grinning even more than I had been beforehand at the idea of getting mail.

I haven't directly thanked Rebecca for this card yet, but I intend to shortly. Truth be told I had purchased some cards in 2013 with the hopes of sending them out around New Years, but I only had time to send one, to my roleplay partner Chandler/zona. More than likely I'll be saving those cards and sending them out to vlogging iggles around the time of our 1 year anniversary in April. That's going to be an exciting month.

I'm looking forward to April, and not just because hopefully by then all the crappy snow falling on our heads will have melted completely and be replaced with warm breezes. While my courses this term are a bit of a handful, they all have one glorious thing in common; no exams! Which means that by April 11th, I will be free of the confines of classrooms!

Well, at least until May, when I'll be taking one course over the Spring term so that I can graduate next year. But one course compared to four is definitely still a vacation!

That's all the mail for now! I'll be keeping you posted.

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