Sunday, January 12, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 1

So I'm a little late on getting this post together, but at least I haven't forgotten it completely.

What I'm doing to be doing for the next year is doing a weekly post with all the photos I've taken and posted to Instagram, and I suppose I could talk a little bit about them. I won't get too in-depth, because 7 pictures, even if they're perfect squares, can take up a lot of room on a blog post, but at least you'll be able to see each of them. I've been sticking to the prompts so far, because I've been having a lot of fun with thinking about pictures to take that will fit the prompt in some way or another.

Day #1: Self Portrait

My train of thought when taking this picture was "Everybody's going to post a nice selfie where they look smiley and beautiful and purposefully flawless; I'm going to take a picture of myself sleeping!" So that's what I did.

Day #2: Negative Space

When I thought about negative space, the first thing I thought of was the gigantic mess that is currently taking up the majority of my bed. It might be hard to tell from the photo, but there is, in fact, a bed under there XD

Day #3: New Beginnings

What new beginning is better than the first chapter of a new book, am I right?

Day #4: Isolate The Subject

I had trouble with this one, mainly because I remembered that I needed to take a picture on the bus ride to my violin lesson. There's certainly a lot of interesting things to take photos of on the short walk to the studio where I go for my lesson, but nothing that I could get a good focus on with my cell phone camera. The studio is, at its core, similar to grandma's house on crack. It's full of knick-knacks and random pictures and paintings and photographs and posters all over the walls. So as I sat in one of the clutter-filled rooms, I played around with the focus on my camera. Turns out I ended up taking a picture of my own violin.

Day #5: On The Floor

I was flat out of ideas for this photo. All I could think to do was take a picture of my feet, but I really didn't want to resort to that, especially since my feet or socks or shoes aren't particularly cute. But then I was sitting at my volunteer job at the gift shop in the local hospital and it hit me; Sales floor! The stuff in the gift shop changes every week that I'm there, they always have interesting items, from the beautiful to the practical.

Day #6: Time

Now, I did take a photo for this day. But I had come home from a particularly long day (see 06/01/14) and my phone was dead, so I'd used my mom's phone to take pictures of the mail I'd received and for my photo for the challenge. I'd taken a picture of some pink bubble wrap from Aly's secret santa package she sent me, since I saw it as the perfect time waster. 

Day #7: What's In My Fridge?

The majority of the stuff in there has been stocked by my mother; I'm not the biggest eater. But right there in the middle you can see the Aunt Jemima pre-made pancakes that I love to cook up in our convection oven every morning for breakfast. 

That's it for this week! I'm hoping to actually get some things into the mail soon; it's been far too long since I mailed anything off, even so much as a post card. I'm hoping that will come very, very soon :)

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