Sunday, January 26, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 3

And here is a whole other week of photos that I've taken. It seems that the prompts are getting more and more interesting, and it's been a unique challenge to find subjects for different photos each day. But here is what I came up with:

Day 15: Dessert

These would be watermelon slices, and they happen to be one of my favorite candies at the moments. I used to be able to buy them in a little gourmet bag at the bookstore where I work, but nowadays I can find even larger quantities of them at the convenience store by my university. They are cheaper there too, and just as delicious, if not more so!

Day 16: Where I Live

I have taken many a picture looking out towards the front yard from the big window in my living room, so this one wasn't difficult to do. The filter I chose I think helps to bring out just how cold it was out there the day I took this picture. Of course since then it's only gotten colder and the snow has gotten heavier, with no end in sight. I certainly can't wait for spring . . .

Day 17: Listed

I was actually stuck for an idea for this prompt a day after the 17th had passed. But then as I was scrolling through the photos I had taken the day before, when I was taking photographs to use in my board game review of Settlers of Catan, I saw this photo. My friend had made this structure while our friend Blair was explaining the rules of the game. According to Blair, that was the fastest he had ever seen somebody begin to fiddle with the pieces and attempt to build something. Si I posted it to Instagram with the caption "Love It or List It?"

Day 18: Magical

Let me ask you, is there anything more Magical in the world than thermal nail polish? No? I didn't think so. If you'll remember from a previous post, I received two extra bottles of thermal nail polish as a gift from the store owner behind Black Sheep Lacquer, and once I received them I made quick work with painting my mails in preparation for the cold, Canadian weather. The colours that my nails change to continue to entertain me to this day.

Day 19: A Plate

Normally when I have Aunt Jemimah mini-pancakes for breakfast I make 4 instead of 3, mainly because the box comes with 12 pancakes and making 4 at a time allows there to be an equal a number each time you want pancakes for breakfast. Not to mention they're very small pancakes, about half the size of a regular pancake you would receive at a restaurant or diner. I like dipping my pancakes in syrup instead of just drenching them, so that's why there's syrup to dip in within the middle of the plate.

Day 20: A Cup of - - -

Obviously the photo itself is very simplistic, where I decided to photograph a cup with the same pattern on it as the plate for whatever reason. The place where I decided to get creative was with the caption: "A Cup Of Contemplation. Is it half-empty? Half full? Guess it depends on your philosophical vent."

Day 21: Precious

Again, I was stuck for an idea for this prompt. But when I was putting together fellow vlogiggle Ashley's belated birthday gift I decided to photograph the box of Thank You cards that I had purchased strictly for myself! And they are precious, aren't they? Ever since first becoming interested in anime & manga, I've been fascinated by Asian culture, specifically with China and Japan, so I fell in love with this design as soon as I saw it in Winners.

I'll be back with another round of photos next week.

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