Wednesday, January 8, 2014

An Idea

I could tell the other day how I haven't adjusted to it being 2014, or a new month, yet when I saw that I accidentally titled my last post "02/12/14" XD Now it has been fixed, and I'm feeling a bit more aware of the New Year.

My fogginess of mind could also be due to this being my first week back to school. If I'm being honest with those that are taking the time out of their day to read this (and I thank you for that :) ), this term I'm taking a couple course that I honestly don't care about all that much.

I registered for an English Lit. course about British Romanticism only because I needed a 4th course for the winter term. Not to mention that the writing class I really wanted (and still wanted) about Literary Journalism was full. To this day I'm still trying to get into this course, but it's located in a small room and it seems that nobody is yet willing to drop this course. If the miracle does occur that I get it, I can say goodbye to British Romanticism, and I won't lose one wink of sleep over it!

So anyway, my reason for writing a post today is that I've had a couple ideas for some projects that I would like to take on, and also document in this blog because they're all snail mail-related. They all give me the opportunity to get more things out in the mail, which is always a great thing. I wanted more excuses to send things out in the mail, and now I have more excuses :)

The first idea I came up with was writing to people that inspire me. Not a whole whack of people out there, but a specific genre of people that inspire me. Those would be YouTube stars.
Before I became a vlogger, I mainly used YouTube to watch clips from old episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and not much else. The only subscription I probably had was to the Vevo and Original channel from the band The Pretty Reckless, which I'm a big fan of. Now I have almost 30 YouTube subscriptions, the majority of those being for original web series and other vloggers.

In order to get inspiration and confidence in my own vlogging, I spend a lot of time watching other videos that other YouTubers have done. In fact, when I was faced with creating the very first iggppcvloggers video and I was nervous as all get out, I watched Hank Green's video about How to Vlog.

Hank Green isn't one of the people I plan on writing to this time - I consider myself a Nerdfighter, but I haven't watched enough of the vlogbrothers videos to consider myself a true-blue fan, like a lot of my friends are. But there are two vloggers that I am subscribed to on YouTube that I feel inspire me in different ways. There are of course others, but these are the two that have P.O Box/Mailing Addresses listed on their channels.
The girl in this picture is Lilly Singh, known on YouTube and across the internet as Superwoman, her channel being iisuperwomanii.
Not only is she Canadian, which is awesome, but she has an incredibly positive outlook on life and she's constantly exuding that positivity in her videos. The first video I ever saw of hers is one my friend sent me called Girls On Their Periods. To this day this video continues to make me laugh, which is probably why it's one of her most popular videos. It amazes me how she is able to keep it real about so many topics but she's never been the type to outwardly tear anyone down unless they completely deserve it (like ignorant people Tweeting after they announced who won Miss America in 2013).

I hope that one day I can build up such a positive outlook and such a natural comfort in front of the camera, which is what I plan on telling her when I decide to write to her. I doubt I'll be able to swear off cursing completely like she is able to, but at least I can start somewhere!
The girl in the second photo is Zoe Sugg and is from the UK, but on YouTube and on her blog she goes by Zoella.

Unlike Superwoman, who does funny rants and silly skits where she frequently dresses up as her parents, Zoe is established more as a beauty blogger and vlogger. There of course other videos of hers that aren't just about beauty and style, which can be found more so on her secondary channel MoreZoella. I'll admit that it's fascinating watching her haul videos and how she perfectly executes her everyday make-up routine, but that isn't the reason that I'm interested in sending her something in the mail.

Like me, Zoella has experienced some anxiety problems in the past. Unlike me, she's brave enough to discuss these issues on her videos. Not only that, but she actually gives advice that is pretty helpful, as well as relatable and very inspiring. One of her videos in particular, Just Say Yes, made me think of a friend of mine that occasionally experienced these "blue periods" where she won't feel up to leaving her house for very long, if at all, in a particular day. At one point I'm going to be sending the link for that video to her. That video was also made as a follow-up to another video she made titled Dealing With Panic Attacks and Anxiety, which I have not yet watched but fully intend to watch someday.

In numerous ways, as a person and as a vlogger, she inspires me, so I hope to tell her as such in one of the most sincere ways in which a person can convey a heartfelt message, which is through the written word. After all, that's why I'm here, right? To teach whoever reads this that they have to Worship Written Words, as the URL suggests.

I don't know if I'll be telling Zoella or Superwoman about this blog - don't want to think that I'm trying to get their readership, that's not what writing them is about - but either way, I definitely plan on sending something to the both of them soon. I happen to have ordered a couple things from Etsy recently which I think will help me with this particular project. You guys will learn of them once I get them in the mail. And they've already shipped, so that should be any day now!

There are other mail-related projects I'm hoping to take on in the near future, but I don't want to make this post too long, so I'll wait until later to tell you guys what else I have in store.

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