Friday, February 28, 2014


Going Out In My Mailbag Today: 3 Items!

Items 1-3: Postcrossing Postcards to Germany, Belarus and the USA!

Gotta love Postcrossing!

I've been neglecting sending out cards recently, as I found when I went onto the site and found out that I only had 1 of 7 cards travelling at the moment. That will not do.

The first one I wrote is the card on the left of the woman in the dress. It`s going to a woman in Germany that is very interested in fashion, how it is now and what it was like in the past. I told her about how I was on a big of a legging kick lately (it gives me an excuse to wear dresses/skirts in the winter XD plus they're pretty), and also how I've been browsing on a lot lately. I didn't mention my recent swimsuit purchases, but I did mention how gorgeous the dresses are on that site and how I want basically all of them.

The card on the right is headed to the US. One of the things she mentioned liking on her Postcrossing profile was washrooms and outhouses. After getting over my initial 'Hmm, weird' reflex, I thought to myself, "Hey Kacie, wasn't there an outhouse picture included in your Impossible post card box?" And indeed there was! This lady requested something I hadn't seen a person ask for before: she wanted to know something about our lives. Something about us, or a boyfriend/girlfriend, a baby, a friend, something tragic in our lives, even a secret. Basically anything that we wanted to share with her. I did tell her a bit about myself, that I love to write and want to become a book editor one day, but I also chose to speak about my new boyfriend (probably because he was sitting on my bed behind me as I wrote it and therefore was on my mind).

The middle card is on its way to Belarus. This lady didn't give too much information on her profile, but she seemed to have a love for nature, as well as art and history, which is why I chose the card that I did.

To this day I am incredibly grateful that I picked up that box of Impossible post cards; there seems to be a card for everyone found within. I'm tempted to look into getting some other types of cards to send out aside from these polaroid ones, but I should probably take a little break from online shopping for a little while.

That's all for now! I shall keep you all posted.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Geeks Run The World! #2

Ever since I wrote my last Geeks Run The World! post (and saw how much both other people and myself liked it), I've been dying to write another one! Thing is, there are SO many amazing geeks to write about! I think for the moment I'm going to stick with plugging other amazing geek blogs, written by people who inspire me or who make me smile or who just generally make me want to be a better geek. Here's a small sample of some of the blogs that I've been hooked on lately.
Created by: Cazz

Stumbling across this blog is a sure sign that the small ads that people include on their blogs work very, very well. I saw the ad for this blog on 2 geek-oriented blogs, and after coming across it multiple times I decided that I had to check it out. 

First post I saw today was snail mail related, so of course that made me smile :) Nerd Burger started off as a blog to showcase new jewelry pieces, and it has grown into so much more than that. She uses her blog as a way to essentially showcase who she is, along with all the things that she's passionate about. It's very much what I hope to do with my writing as my own blog grows and expands over the years. Here's a few sample pictures from her snail mail post.

I recommend that everyone who wants to start their own geek-centric blog, or just wants to learn how to blog openly and honestly about themselves and their interests, should take a look at Nerd Burger for themselves.

Created by: Abby

I found out about Abby through a post she recently did for Superheroesque, and MAN was it a good post! The image at the beginning of this blog post is from that article, and you can find it here. If you're a fellow geek like myself then please, please read it!

Her blog documents her daily looks on top of other things, and she's never one to hide her inner geek raging about inside, which I admire greatly. Abby is a great example of being a geek outwardly but not having to wear it on your sleeve consistently in order to be able to consider yourself a true geek. She is also a big travel enthusiast, which I really wish I was more of XP I went to the Dominican Republic in 2012 for my brother's wedding and haven't gone anywhere farther than Anime North ever since.

While roaming around her blog I also happened to find out that she is an author, and has two books listed on her blog, which you can take a look at here. I'm thinking that I'll be needing to hunt down that novel of hers the next chance I get.

And I didn't enjoy Abby's blog strictly for geek-related reasons, but also because I have a bit of an interest in fashion myself. I'll admit that more often than not I can be a lazy butt who just grabs her jeans off the floor from yesterday and finds a clean shirt to throw on, but there are times where I really try to put effort into how I look, and I admire Abby for doing that every single day :) And for getting to show us as well! I enjoy Abby's writing quite a bit, and I hope you all will too.

Created by: Luka Riot

The first reason I thought that I had to give Luka some props is for being a fellow Canadian geek girl, living in Toronto, Ontario, a city that I hope to one day inhabit. Her site is definitely different aesthetically from the other two I've looked at in this post, but in my line of work, "different" is almost always a good thing. Everything on the site is personalized to her tastes, and I like how she is able to put her personality, her passions, out there and have it mold into such an amazing product!

Just like Cazz, Luka has her own company as well, known as Hellound Fashions, which she has an entire section dedicated to on her blog. Found a pretty cool picture of her work space that I shall share for you all.

She's a very talented artist, and is also a Marvel/superhero geek as well. She has some of her post cards on sale at Etsy, and I recently purchased a pack of 3, which I hope will arrive soon. I'm looking forward to using them as Postcrossing cards!

So all three of these geeky girls have amazing qualities, and those qualities come out in their blogs! Please check them all out and expand your geeky horizons a bit by following the day-to-day of these terrific women.


Going Out In My Mailbag Today: 1 Item!

Item #1: Letter to My Friend Tory!

Clearly I finished this letter rather quickly :) I sort of just got to be on a roll after rereading her letter a few times, and I brought it with me to school and did some of my writing there and on the bus as well. It felt pretty good to get through a letter that quickly, and I know I didn't rush it; I took my time, paced myself, and wrote from the heart. I really mean it with this letter because Tory and I had a lot to discuss.

In the letter she asked me about my new boyfriend, and she expressed some concern for the other girls in our small circle of friends, wondering if she was worrying unnecessarily. I put a lot of thought into what I wrote down for her and made sure I made my thoughts and feelings clear. Like I've mentioned numerous times already (and what I'm sure I'll be saying numerous times more for all of you), I am better at expressing myself over writing than when I'm speaking to somebody in person. It's certainly an ideal way to communicate with my friend all the way in London.

Truth be told, with writing about our mutual friends and thinking about each one of them, separately and together, I was very much in the mood to get to writing and sending each of them the cards I purchased with the sole intention of just telling each of them how they are great people and how much they all mean to me. I had them pulled out to begin writing and everything.

Unfortunately, this was also the day I had an assignment that I needed to finish up, and I knew that if I got into writing out these detailed messages to my friends that I would really be SOL in regards to my homework. After I was finished my assignment, as I expressed in my last post, I then got a bit tied up with online shopping, which is a cunning time suck if there ever was one, as well as quite the financial suck on top of that XP

I'm hoping to get those cards written up soon. I also had a thought recently. I was thinking that I might do a blog post about how I send a letter. Whenever I write a letter, I include it inside of a note card, and I always take time to decorate the inside of the card as well as the outside of the envelope with various stickers, stamps and other things. If anybody would be interested in seeing my process with sending a letter to somebody, let me know and I'll document the process for when I write Diana's letter.

Until then, I'll keep you all posted!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 8

I was still a little behind because of my Wasaga trip and getting back on track for returning to school (bleh), but I'm not finally caught up with my photos, and I'd say that this was quite the exceptional week for photographs. At least I think so, you'll have to decide:

Day 50: Shadows

For whatever reason, for this prompt I wanted to take a picture and then in the caption use lyrics from Ashlee Simpson's "Shadow." I like that song quite a bit. I couldn't think of what exactly to take a picture of. I couldn't get a shot of my silhouette on the ground outside because it happened to be cloudy that day. Then I happened to see the shadows being thrown on the wall behind my mom's collectible's cabinet. Inside the wood and glass structure are my mom's (and some of my own) Royal Doulton figurines. I happened to completely luck out with getting that bit of light reflecting on the glass and hovering over the wood. I am in love with this picture. I hope I'm able to take more like it in the future.

Day 51: Ears

If I'm remembering correctly, I picked up this ear cuff at the hospital gift shop where I volunteer. The first thing I thought when I saw the gold and the light blue plastic gem was that I thought it was something I could see Dany from Game of Thrones wearing. I had to get my mother to help me take this picture with my phone, since I was having trouble getting the angle I wanted XD

Day 52: In  A Tree

I took this photo from my boyfriend's kitchen window. I really had to zoom in to get a shot of those bare birch tree branches, but I honestly do like the look of it, and the filter I chose seemed to help the overall quality.

Day 53: From Behind

If I'm being completely honest here, this isn't the back of a Canadian hockey jersey, but it's the shoulder of a Canadian hockey jersey. I kept trying to snap pictures of myself from behind, but nothing looked all that great. My boyfriend was wearing his jersey for the final men's hockey game in Sochi and I figure it was zoomed in tight enough that it's too hard to really tell :P

Day 54: Fashion Statement

I love, love, LOVE this necklace! I bought it recently at Suzy Shier when I decided to do a bit of shopping in order to cheer myself up a little when I was feeling a little down. Nothing soothes the soul better than retail therapy in my opinion. I saw this at the cash register when I was buying a lacy white dress that I'm looking forward to wearing in the spring. I've been wearing this necklace pretty much ever since I bought it. Not sure exactly what this style is supposed  to be called, but I've decided to call it a love knot.

Day 55: Flakes

Let me tell you, it is near impossible to get a shot of midair, light and fluffy snowflakes. At least with my cell phone camera it is. I never tried with my real camera, and I probably should sometime before the snow goes away. We'd had a warmer weekend, and this was the light dusting of snowflakes that had rested on the ground early in the morning.

Day 56: How I Relax

For this I didn't want to take another picture faux-sleeping in my PJs, because I already did that for my very first photo of this challenge. Plus I'd already gotten dressed for my day (Tuesdays I'm at school for the longest so I decided to drop what I was doing and put extra effort into looking pretty). In the end I took this picture and captioned it "How Do I Relax, you may ask? In style! XD #yeahright"

That's all for this week! Hope I continue to do well with week 9's prompts!


Items In My Mailbox Today: 2 Items!

Items 1 & 2: Valentines from Fellow Iggles Sophie & Danica!

Better late than never! Honestly, I doubt all of the V-Day cards I sent out exactly a week before Valentine's Day would have arrived to each person in time for the 14th, so I don't mind getting a few cards late. It keeps things interesting, after all! Plus, who am I, of all people, to say no to getting something nice (AND sweet) in the mail?

I haven't gotten a chance to try out the Willy Wonka Fun Dip yet, but I definitely will be soon. As for the card from Sophie, I found it absolutely precious. The envelope it came in was full of heart confetti, plus I have a special place in my heart for homemade cards. Just a bit of ribbon, a stamp and some stickers, voila! Magic :)

In the card, she also called me an "Iggle Sister." Truth be told I thought that was really sweet. I'm surprised I never thought of that anymore; the IGGPPC is very much like a sisterhood, in so many different ways. I'd like to thank Sophie for making me realize that.

On this day, I happened to be rather distracted, which certainly wasn't good since I had an assignment to work on that was due the next day. I managed to get it done with a couple hours to spare, don't get me wrong, but for a while I kept switching between analyzing The Saga of Grettir The Strong for literary components such as setting and imagery and looking at various stuff online, specifically things to purchase with my credit card. Full disclosure, my credit card hasn't been 100% paid off since December. That's mainly due to having done a lot of Christmas shopping, and my brother owes me for some gifts that we decided to split 50/50 for our mother. But I'll admit I keep picking things up and then being faced with having to pay it off gradually, such as my costume for Niagara Falls Comic Con and Fan Expo.

On this night, however, I ended up making two purchases in particular. One was done on Black Sheep Lacquer, which I have mentioned in the past for being run by a very nice lady. While I was in Wasaga Beach and I happened to be browsing on Instagram, I happened to come across a very pretty manicure picture taken by etourneau.

The green and white are from BSL, and I sort of fell in love with the idea of having a nice white polish like that. Plus I got the idea of finding my own nail stencils and trying out similar designs on my own, much shorter nails. Then I happened to look at the collection of polishes that my mom and I have collected over the years and realized that we didn't have any shades of green! That, I decided, would not do. And then I noticed a brand new thermal colour on the site, known as Tequila Sunrise, and it is of course my favorite colour - Orange!

While browsing the site (and messaging the shop owner Erin back and forth to ask her questions), I came across her subscription service, offered to the US, Canada, and Worldwide. Since there were 3 polishes I was eyeing, I decided that it would be fun (and cheaper!) to subscribe! I get 2 large bottles (the white & green) and a mini bottle (this time, the Tequila Sunrise, because I was going to order a small size of that anyway). After that, I'll receive another package next month, which will contain completely different polishes! I'm rather excited for this, and I can't wait to show you all what I get.

ALSO, I happened to buy a couple of swimsuits. I blame my email for this; I got a message from ModCloth about swimwear, found a cool suit that they only had 3 of left and a second cute one, and decided to purchase them.


Now I've got a story to share here; I'm a bit of a ninny when it comes to attempting to get a good deal on things. My guess is this is derived from attempting to barter at conventions to get a better price and getting rejected straight up each and every single time. I joined ModCloth recently (after seeing some adorable dresses via @GeekyLyndsay), and received a $10 coupon with an order of $75+. Remembering this, when I went to order these swimsuits, I tried using the coupon code, but I then realized that it expired on the 10th. Thing is, I joined on the 3rd, and I thought it was kind of lame that the coupon only worked for a week.

Telling my mother this, she said, "Get in touch with somebody on the site! Ask if the discount can still be applied!" I didn't like this idea - I didn't want to bother people just because I wanted to save some money. Maybe it's because I work in retail that I feel this way? Either way, my mom kept insisting. "It never hurts to ask!" she told me, a phrase I have heard countless times over the years, and have even repeated to others on my own. "These people want your business, I'm sure that they'll help you out."

Deciding to give it a shot when she kept insisting, I tried out the live chat feature on ModCloth. I was connected immediately to an advocate named Ryan (whose picture showed him sporting a rockin' bow tie). I told him about the coupon I received, when it expired, and asked nicely if there was any way that the deal could be extended, mentioning that I was about to drop $200+ on swimwear. I cringed when I heard the notification noise from my computer, signaling that I'd received a response. Happily I saw that he was more than willing to extend the coupon for me :)

I was very happy about this :) I haven't really dealt with an instant chat feature on an apparel site like this before, and I have to say that I was rather impressed. It was enough that the clothes on the site are gorgeous, now I know that those working behind the curtain are very understanding and willing to help. I couldn't ask for more with regard to great customer service.

My clothing order has already shipped, and I can't wait to receive my swimsuits. I might take a picture with the on, might, no guarantees. Until then, I'll keep you posted.

While I Was Away

Now that I'm home from my adventures over Reading Week in Wasaga Beach, I now have my mail to get back to! I didn't receive nearly as much as I thought I might while I was away, but there was still mail to be had!

Items In My Mailbox: 2 Items!

Items 1 & 2: Letters from Pen Pal Diana & My Friend Tory!

It's funny, that whenever I receive letters I end up getting two at the same time, so that it takes me that much longer to respond to and send out both. I won't be waiting to send both out at the exact same time or anything, but that is what happened to have occurred last time, but I'm pretty sure that was just a coincidence.

Tory happened to stick her letter inside of a cute card decorated with various flowers. What she wrote on the inside honestly made me laugh out loud.

This is probably a crack/decision made because I always include a pretty - or "fancy" - card with every letter I send to Tory. Either way, it made me laugh, and the front of the card is gorgeous, so I greatly appreciate it.

Diana included a gorgeous illustration on the first page of the letter she sent me :) I thought at first it was just a general image of an amusement park, but I found out from reading her letter that she decided to draw the Santa Monica pier, because I'm stuck in a cold and snowy environment right now, unlike that lucky Californian pen pal of mine XD So she drew that picture for me so that I could think warm thoughts, and I absolutely love that. Her art is gorgeous and colourful and it made my day, so I appreciate it so, so much!

Replying to Tory's letter and getting it sent out is probably not going to take me too long, but I might wait a little while to send out something to Diana. See, I happened to lose a bet to her recently over Twitter. Here's a quick look at the events that occurred:

I kept trying to tempt her, see if I could convince her to break her convictions and open the package I sent her before her birthday. . .

Apparently it's rather difficult to try and con a person over Twitter. I'm sure masterminds could do it, such as Neal Caffrey from White Collar, but I'm no hot man in a fedora, so I failed.

So I'm probably going to hold off sending her letter until I get a package together for her, which will include a stationary-related item of some sort. I think I already have an idea for what I'm sending her, but I'm not fully decided yet. In the meantime, I'll work at replying to these letters. I'll be sure to keep you guys posted!

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Few Changes

Out With The Old. . .

In With The New!

So as some of you may have noticed, I've finally had the time to give this blog a bit of a face lift. The graphic that I was using for the header was always meant to be temporarily; it was just something I slapped together quickly in Photoshop. I'd been kicking around the idea for a while now to use a photograph for the header, one that included a sample of the things I've received since beginning this blog.

The handwriting on the envelope is actually my mother's. I took a few shots with my own writing, but my handwriting really is atrocious, plus this just looked a lot better! All I really have left to do is to create a smaller graphic that I can ask others to plug on their own blogs, which I shall be sure to do at some point.

I changed up the background too, and I'm glad that I was able to keep up the red and blue colour scheme that is associated with the postal service. If anybody takes a look at the new coat of paint and has any suggestions for how I can make things even better, don't hesitate to post a comment below to tell me what you think; I would greatly appreciate it.

Wasaga Beach - 20/02/14

(Beautiful shot, isn't it?)

I think I got pretty lucky with this picture. I actually took this on the 15th on the way into Toronto, and not while leaving Toronto. With a simple Twitter filter, it looks even better too!

So the final day of my trip was not what I expected, unfortunately. I woke up to an empty house. My uncle had left me some cash on the table for bus fare (which I kept trying to insist against, but I'm bad at refusing money from people, especially relatives), and I made myself breakfast. Eventually the phone rang, like it did a lot when I found myself alone in the house for that week. It was my aunt Kathy calling to talk to me this time, so I picked it up, and she explained what had happened.

Apparently her dad had gone through a very difficult night, and he was being re-admitted to the hospital. She was with him now, and she wasn't able to leave him. Her daughter, my cousin Valerie, whom we had gone to see The Monuments Men with on Monday, would be coming at about noon to come get me and take me to the bus terminal in Barrie for my bus headed to Toronto at 2.

I made sure that my bag was packed, kept my phone plugged in for as long as I possibly could, and spent most of the day listening to my audio book. Eventually my cousin arrived, and we were off to Barrie. One thing that I'd never realized about her before, since we hadn't spent a lot of time together, is that she's a bit of a crazy driver XD I grabbed onto the handles in the car rather tightly each time she decided to make a turn. Soon we arrived at the terminal, we said our goodbyes, and I had a bit of time before my bus started boarding, so I grabbed a burger at the Burger King they have in the terminal.

Outside of the terminal I happened to spot this, which I think is one of the coolest things ever! You can pay money and buy a used paperback book, or even donate a book of your own to the cause just as easily. I absolutely love this idea! I really really wish they had something like this in Welland, or at least in St. Catharines. It's not only a great idea for the environment, but it's a great way to get people reading.

Saw these houses while driving through Toronto to get to the terminal, and something about them stuck out to me, so I decided to take a picture. It amazes me how much they can fit into one city. Not just various goods and services but apartment buildings, old fashioned homes, countless universities and schools, and everything else that Toronto contains. One day I hope to call Toronto home. That might only be for a total of 4 months, but perhaps it will be for longer than that. There's no way of knowing just yet. I guess I'll have to find out.

And that concludes these blog segments on how I spent my Reading Week. I hope I didn't bore anybody! I'll be back to writing about my regular home life - and mail! - soon :)

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 7

I told you guys that the Week 7 prompt picture was pink and cutesy! XD For part of this week - and part of the next one - I was away at Wasaga Beach, and my photos weren't as prompt as I wanted them to be. But I am completely caught up as of this moment, so now I'll show you what I came up with!

Day 43: With A Heart On It.

These were some of the stickers decorating the envelope of the letter I sent off to my newest pen pal. I hope that it arrives to her soon! I actually received a sheet with these stickers in a Valentine from a fellow iggle, and I've been addicted to using them ever since.

Day 44: Red Hot

I was in the mood when I arrived at home on Thursday from my last day of school to take a picture of some sort of red Valentine's Day look. I had actually not gone straight home from class, but had gone to the mall and checked out a sale going on at Suzy Shier. I bought two tops and a hot red blazer and a sparkly waist belt, all of it on sale. And when I got home I put up my hair (because I needed to wash it and it looked gross XP), put on some red lip gloss, threw on my blazer and snapped a picture. I liked it so much I made it my Facebook profile picture. The caption I attached to it was, "Red Hot? Eh? Eh?! . . . Nope, didn't think so."

Day 45: Sugar & Spice

I was sitting with my mom and grandma at breakfast on Valentine's Day, trying to think of what to take a picture of for the day, saw the salt, pepper and sugar shakers, and just decided "To hell with it!" and arranged the shakers for a picture. It's a cheap shot, but it works.

Day 46: Laughter

Since I couldn't think of anything else to take a picture of that involved laughter, I decided to go with a misnomer image - that being, a photo which contained absolutely no laughter whatsoever. This was the final of the three buses I took in order to get to Barrie, Ontario, and I was sitting right at the back, and it seemed like a decent angle for a good shot.

Day 47: Delicate

This picture is one I took late, because I was away in Wasaga Beach and I was just drawing a complete blank for this prompt. Then I saw this painting hanging in the room where my bed/pullout couch was, and I thought the colours were rather delicate, so I decided to go with that. Instead of getting a full shot of the canvas, I felt like getting the frame and the mat in the shot adds something to it.

Day 48: Chocolate

Normally, I'm not the biggest fan of white chocolate. I like it, don't get me wrong, but I find that it begins to taste weird if I have too much at one time. So when I do have white chocolate, which is rarely, I like it in small doses. The first time I came to Wasaga I had a little bit of white chocolate offered to me, and when I remembered that I asked if they still had it, and they did. After having a few small pieces like the ones in this picture, I decided to have more. I was addicted to white chocolate for a good chunk of my stay there.

Day 49: The Little Things

This picture didn't actually come until I arrived back in Welland, Ontario because I was once again drawing a blank for what photo would work for this prompt. This photo came from seeing the soundtrack to The Lego Movie in Wal-Mart, and I thought, "Hey! These are little things!" Plus I was planning on going to see the movie later that day, so I figured it was relevant.

That's it for this week! I've got some nice photos for week 8 already, can't wait to show you!

Wasaga Beach - 19/02/14

(Yep. . . That's a lot of snow. . .)

So today was a bit more adventurous, but at the same time, I've also sort of trapped myself into my aunt and uncle's house. It took me forever to get out of bed in the morning - I just did not want to get up for whatever reason. Eventually I did, and this was Kathy's day to get back in the kitchen and get cooking. Pretty sure I've mentioned she's a caterer (which explains the vast spread of cooking supplies I showed you in a previous post), and she had most of her time with me there off.

After making myself a quick bagel, I decided that this would be the day that I would trek out to the beach and get some photos for those out there who do not know what a Canadian beach looks like in the middle of February. First, I had to climb on top of this huge snow mound to continue down the path toward the beach.

Then I had to go through another snow mound to actually reach the beach, this one more daunting that the last.

- Let me just state here, for those who don't live in areas with large increments of snow but might decide to travel to such an area one day, climbing on top of a big snow mound like this, even if it's just leftovers on the side of a parking lot that snow plows have shoved over, is extremely dangerous. Sure, it might look like a mountain to scale for fun, but it's definitely not impossible to fall though, get stuck and have no way of freeing yourself. If I didn't have a way of carefully maneuvering around the majority of the snow pile, I wouldn't have attempted this little trek on my own.

But I did make it unscathed, actually laughing at the couple of times I did stumble, because that's just how I roll XD And I was able to take several pictures for all of you!

Doesn't it just look like a complete wasteland? I was pretty sure that I could keep walking out pretty far - but knowing that somewhere out there the sand turned to ice, I decided against it, and just stayed on the safe side to take pictures.

At one point while walking on the beach one of my feet happened to sink into a random hole in the snow, and it sent me falling, almost face first. Luckily I had my camera strap around my neck and I held it up to keep it from touching the snow. Luckily I was all bundled up, and the stumble didn't bother me in the least. Heck, I'm used to falling by now :P

Once I got back all I really did was attempt to work on a paper I had due for my Life Writing class. I didn't get very far. Plus my aunt gave me some chocolate mousse that she needed eaten. I looooove chocolate mousse. It was so rich and decadent I took one bite and thought, "Hmm. . . Bet you anything this will give me a headache if I don't eat slowly." 

It was only my aunt Kathy that joined me later in the evening - my aunt's dad was being discharged from the hospital and was spending the night somewhere else, so my uncle was there with him so that he wouldn't wake up and get confused in the middle of the night. My aunt and I watched the last 2 episodes of the second season of Game of Thrones, which of course were epic. She kept asking me about what happened to various characters in the next season, but I refused to tell her - she'll have to find out on her own ;)

Next I will document my last day in Wasaga, which was not how I expected it to go. Either way, I still have some cool pictures to share with you all!