Sunday, February 9, 2014


Going Out In My Mailbag Today: 16 Items!!!

Items 1-16: Valentine Cards!!

Yes, nthey are finally in the mail! At long last!

I'm hoping that all of my cards will arrive on time, or at least the majority of them. The ones I'm most concerned about are the cards I've sent out for the IGGPPC card swap. The majority of them are meant for Canada, and those ones I'm not too worried about, especially since Valentine's Day is late this coming week. A couple are meant for the US, and a few are going to the UK as well; those ones worry me a bit. But I guess there's nothing left to do except to cross my fingers and hope that if there is anybody that gets their card a little late that they won't mind.

I didn't just send out cards to iggles either. I made sure that cards went out to my 4 best girlfriends, and I also sent one out for my brother and sister-in-law. In keeping with the typical-ness of the holiday, I of course sent one to my boyfriend as well.

He isn't big of making a big deal out of Valentine's day, and honestly neither am I. We will be seeing each other that day but that's only because I'll be going away the next day to Wasaga beach for a week and we wanted to see each other before that. We spent a bit of the last week together as well, such as when we played a couple card games together with my friends so I could take notes for another Paper Droids review.

I'll be writing the review today and submitting it to my editor before the end of the day. It's quite the interesting game, and it's good for small groups (although one-on-one, it turns out, isn't the best way to play this game). If you haven't heard of it before I suggest looking into it. One of the web series that I really enjoy watching, Board With Life, actually did a bit about the game (although the game looks different because the art on the cards is done by another person). You can take a look at that here.

(I hate how I look in this picture, my glasses are crooked and it makes my eyes look off. . .)

Now I'm off to work, bleh XP Then I'll get right to writing my review of Love Letter. I'll be sure to keep you posted with a link to the review once it's up.

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