Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Going Out In My Mailbag Today: 1 Item!

Item #1: Postcrossing Postcard to Germany

This card is on its way to a lovely woman who enjoys cooking and works as a technical writing for sewing machines. She didn't give too many specifics on what kind of things she likes with regard to the postcards she receives, but I figure that if she cooks that she has to like food, right? It's a picture of fruit, but it counts, so there! That's my defense! XD

Items In My Mailbox Today: 2 Items!

Item #1: Cervical Cancer Screening information. . .

Before the end of 2013 I had to go and have a certain sort of test done. It's probably obvious what that test is, but I'd rather not name it, so that I don't have flashbacks XD Let's just say that it was intrusive and very uncomfortable. . .

Nevertheless, I received this pamphlet, along with a letter telling me that my test results were normal (and it was in bold just like that), which was a relief. Another good piece of news is that I don't have to get that particular test done for another 3 years. According to my mother, it used to be necessary to have that test done once every 12 months, so I'm feeling pretty lucky!

Item #2: Valentine from Fellow Iggle Phaedra!

Adorable, is it not? There were also some green heart stickers decorating the envelope, which I forgot to take a picture of. I remember thinking that was unique, because I've seen a good number of pink and red heart stickers on the Valentines I've received so far. But these ones were green . . . Curiouser and curiouser . . . XD

Folded inside the card were also some goodies as well, a few heart-themed sticky notes for my own use, as there are three of them and they were left blank. They're also covering up Phaedra's name where she wrote it on the card XD I'm positive I will find a use for these notes soon. Thank you, Phaedra!

That's all for the mail! I'll keep you guys posted.

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  1. It's always good to have normal test results! Sending positive thoughts your way :D