Saturday, February 15, 2014


Going Out In My Mailbag Today: 1 Item.

Item #1: Letter for My New Pen Pal Leiya

Included in this car,d besides the letter, are some strawberry-scented stickers that I'm hoping Leiya will enjoy. I actually meant to send this letter out yesterday, and I had finished writing the actual letter the day before that. Unfortunately, I stuffed it in my bag just before heading to my boyfriend's house, but not in the spot that I typically put mail I'm planning on sending out, so it didn't get dropped into a mailbox until today when I got to school. My letter will be a day later than I intended it, but I hope Leiya doesn't mind the wait.

Now, about the new pen pal bit - I noticed on the IGGPPC forums that so many people sign up for pen pals, and even with the re-pairing system, they don't always end up with a pen pal that responds to that initial email, which is really sad. I looked at the time I have day-to-day and decided that I had enough time to take on one more letter-writing responsibility. Not to mention, I really like sending things to people! The more people I can find to send mail to, the better. Which is why I decided to sign up for round 10, and I was paired up with Leiya from California.

Here's the rub: I feel like by getting another pen pal, I'm somehow cheating on the pen pal that I already have. I know I'm not the only person on the site that has multiple pen pals, but even so, I still feel like I am being somehow dishonest. It's a special bond, between two pen pals, but I don't want my first pen pal to feel like our camaraderie built up since May will be changing anytime soon. If you're reading this, Diana, you are still the awesome icing on top of the cake and I will never neglect returning one of your letters because I have somebody else to write, I promise!

I'm probably being stupid. This is probably a lot like feeling as if I'm cheating on one of my friends by hanging out with another friend XD That's just how my mind works I suppose.

That's it for now. I'll keep you all posted.

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