Friday, February 28, 2014


Going Out In My Mailbag Today: 3 Items!

Items 1-3: Postcrossing Postcards to Germany, Belarus and the USA!

Gotta love Postcrossing!

I've been neglecting sending out cards recently, as I found when I went onto the site and found out that I only had 1 of 7 cards travelling at the moment. That will not do.

The first one I wrote is the card on the left of the woman in the dress. It`s going to a woman in Germany that is very interested in fashion, how it is now and what it was like in the past. I told her about how I was on a big of a legging kick lately (it gives me an excuse to wear dresses/skirts in the winter XD plus they're pretty), and also how I've been browsing on a lot lately. I didn't mention my recent swimsuit purchases, but I did mention how gorgeous the dresses are on that site and how I want basically all of them.

The card on the right is headed to the US. One of the things she mentioned liking on her Postcrossing profile was washrooms and outhouses. After getting over my initial 'Hmm, weird' reflex, I thought to myself, "Hey Kacie, wasn't there an outhouse picture included in your Impossible post card box?" And indeed there was! This lady requested something I hadn't seen a person ask for before: she wanted to know something about our lives. Something about us, or a boyfriend/girlfriend, a baby, a friend, something tragic in our lives, even a secret. Basically anything that we wanted to share with her. I did tell her a bit about myself, that I love to write and want to become a book editor one day, but I also chose to speak about my new boyfriend (probably because he was sitting on my bed behind me as I wrote it and therefore was on my mind).

The middle card is on its way to Belarus. This lady didn't give too much information on her profile, but she seemed to have a love for nature, as well as art and history, which is why I chose the card that I did.

To this day I am incredibly grateful that I picked up that box of Impossible post cards; there seems to be a card for everyone found within. I'm tempted to look into getting some other types of cards to send out aside from these polaroid ones, but I should probably take a little break from online shopping for a little while.

That's all for now! I shall keep you all posted.

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