Monday, February 3, 2014


Items In My Mailbox: 2 Items!

Item #1: IGGPPC Street Team Kit & Valentine from SparklegirlJen

So the first piece of mail I decided to open on this particular Friday was the envelope from somebody that I actually recognized the name of. The second envelope, white instead of red, was a mystery. Not to mention Jen's envelope caught my eye because it contained both a Spider Man sticker and a stamp on the other side that read "The Force Is Strong With This One." Unfortunately the picture I took of the stamp was incredibly blurry, so that's why I didn't add it to the collage up there.

I wasn't completely sure of what this Canadian co-founder of the IGGPPC until I opened the big envelope and found a big collection of stickers and postcards inside, all of them advertising the IGGPPC to prospective members. The reason I received this message is that I signed up to be a part of the Canadian Street Team for the IGGPPC, whose soul purpose is to continue to spread the word to other people so that they may one day become iggles or miggles.

Truth be told I've been something of an unofficial member since I first joined the IGGPPC. When I became a vlogging iggle I began to print off flyers that advertised the online community and hand them out to anybody that I thought might be interested - mainly to certain customers that I interacted with at my store. Of course I had to be careful at work with handing out flyers while on the job, but so far I haven't gotten into any trouble.

Now I have postcards! I did happen to tell one postcrossing member about the site and I attached a sticker that I happened to have from when I ordered some IGGPPC buttons back in the fall. Now, if I come across a postcrossing member that I think would be a great member, I can send them an official IGGPPC postcard! The design on them are pretty cool, actually, so I'm looking forward to that.

For anybody reading this that might be interested in becoming a member of the IGGPPC Street Team, no matter where you live in the world, please click here.

Item #2: My First 2014 Valentine!

Look! Isn't it pretty? And it's homemade too!

The envelope, and the card, was also filled with various types of heart-shaped confetti, which reminded me a bit of the confetti packet that came stapled with my acceptance package from Brock University, which made me both nostalgic and happy. I took a picture of the inside but I was in a rush so, again, it was blurry (I was perhaps a bit distracted by the coming visit of my boyfriend, I openly admit it XD), so I'll just write out what it said:
May You Reign your Throne
With Passion Today.
This card was from a lovely Canadian iggle named Stevie. As you can see, it's incredibly pretty, and smartly decorated, and I love it to bits, not just because it happens to be the first card I've received as part of the exchange so far. Even so, if you're reading this Stevie, I thank you very much for the card!

The majority of the requests I received over email to exchange mailing addresses for this Valentine's Day exchange were from fellow Canadians, although I'll be sending out a few cards to the US and the UK as well, which I intend to do very soon. Since I've been determined to make all my own cards myself (and with the help of my mother and her Cricut machine), it's taken me a bit to get my feet on the ground with regards to these cards. But I want them to arrive either on time or at least semi-close to being on time, so I know that I'd better get a move on with these cards, posthaste!

I hope to be telling you guys about more mail I'm sending out soon! I'll be sure to keep you all posted.

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