Tuesday, February 11, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 6

I thought at first that the prompt photo for this week was all pink and adorable because of Valentine's Day - then I remembered that Valentine's Day actually happens in week 7. Wait until you see just how pink and cutesy that prompt photo looks like! XD

Day 36: Wires

I actually took the photos for day 36 and 37 on the same day, both of them late - pretty sure the amount of time last week I was spending with my boyfriend can be the cause for that. Let's blame him! :P Anyway, these are the wires on my wall under my TV. I thought about getting a shot of the mess of cords behind my computer desk, but it's a little too dark back there to take a good picture . . .

Day 37: On The Brim

This prompt confused me because to me it seems like an odd combination of "At The Brim" and "On The Brink" - am I right? Anyway, that's the view of my pool from my bedroom window. Let me tell you, it took a while to get this shot, because I have a screen over my window and when I tried to use the focus on my cell phone camera, it kept focusing up close on the screen and making the pool in the background all blurry. Turns out there are downsides to camera focus.

Day 38: Left Over

The day I took this picture happened to be the day where I sent out all my Valentine's cards, and it was also the day I had my friends over to play some card games. I turned the table we later used for games into my work station before they got there. My boyfriend was there while I was finishing up though, and one of my girlfriends arrived while I was decorating the envelopes. I even gave her a job; she would apply washy tape to the back, and I would stamp each envelope using my Snail Mail stamp and a curly decorative one with red Distress Ink. I had also brought down my postcard box because I thought I'd have time to send out some Postcrossing cards, although I didn't get the chance.

Day 39: Growth

I had taken this picture earlier for my boyfriend, to show him what I had picked up that day at Mostly Comics in downtown St. Catharines. When I got an idea to apply this photo to that day's prompts, I immediately posted it. My caption for this photo on Instagram is "Went to a comic book store today and I only bought 2 things! Personal Growth!"

Day 40: Tradition

Not my best photo I'm afraid. But I still say that my caption to go along with the prompt was pretty good, especially since it included an awesome reference. "It's a Tradition to wear pins on my vest at work. It's new for me to wear a bunch of 'em and to start calling them my 'Pieces of Flare' XD"

Day 41: Favorite Snack

Definitely, definitely, definitely my favorite snack, ever since I was about 8 years old. It's a bit hard to see because of the glare but it's Spicy that's my favorite flavor. I despise Zesty XP The day I took this, I actually spent most of the day eating from this bag and re-watching the 3rd season of Game of Thrones. Felt kind of sick afterwards, but I'd say it was worth it.

Day 42: Vintage

Once I saw that the prompt was Vintage, I knew immediately what I'd be taking a picture of. This is probably one of the few things I own that would count as "vintage", but I snapped up this glittery piece of jewelry almost as soon as I saw it. I tried to pick a filter that really makes shows you that this thing can glitter and shine so many different colours when the light falls on it. It comes with matching earrings too.

That's all my photos for this week. For part of next week and part of the week following that one, I'll be away at Wasaga Beach. I hope that this will make it easier for me to take photos every day and not harder. I'll tell my aunt and uncle that I'm staying with about my photo prompt project, and I'm sure they'll help me out and give me some ideas :)

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