Monday, February 24, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 7

I told you guys that the Week 7 prompt picture was pink and cutesy! XD For part of this week - and part of the next one - I was away at Wasaga Beach, and my photos weren't as prompt as I wanted them to be. But I am completely caught up as of this moment, so now I'll show you what I came up with!

Day 43: With A Heart On It.

These were some of the stickers decorating the envelope of the letter I sent off to my newest pen pal. I hope that it arrives to her soon! I actually received a sheet with these stickers in a Valentine from a fellow iggle, and I've been addicted to using them ever since.

Day 44: Red Hot

I was in the mood when I arrived at home on Thursday from my last day of school to take a picture of some sort of red Valentine's Day look. I had actually not gone straight home from class, but had gone to the mall and checked out a sale going on at Suzy Shier. I bought two tops and a hot red blazer and a sparkly waist belt, all of it on sale. And when I got home I put up my hair (because I needed to wash it and it looked gross XP), put on some red lip gloss, threw on my blazer and snapped a picture. I liked it so much I made it my Facebook profile picture. The caption I attached to it was, "Red Hot? Eh? Eh?! . . . Nope, didn't think so."

Day 45: Sugar & Spice

I was sitting with my mom and grandma at breakfast on Valentine's Day, trying to think of what to take a picture of for the day, saw the salt, pepper and sugar shakers, and just decided "To hell with it!" and arranged the shakers for a picture. It's a cheap shot, but it works.

Day 46: Laughter

Since I couldn't think of anything else to take a picture of that involved laughter, I decided to go with a misnomer image - that being, a photo which contained absolutely no laughter whatsoever. This was the final of the three buses I took in order to get to Barrie, Ontario, and I was sitting right at the back, and it seemed like a decent angle for a good shot.

Day 47: Delicate

This picture is one I took late, because I was away in Wasaga Beach and I was just drawing a complete blank for this prompt. Then I saw this painting hanging in the room where my bed/pullout couch was, and I thought the colours were rather delicate, so I decided to go with that. Instead of getting a full shot of the canvas, I felt like getting the frame and the mat in the shot adds something to it.

Day 48: Chocolate

Normally, I'm not the biggest fan of white chocolate. I like it, don't get me wrong, but I find that it begins to taste weird if I have too much at one time. So when I do have white chocolate, which is rarely, I like it in small doses. The first time I came to Wasaga I had a little bit of white chocolate offered to me, and when I remembered that I asked if they still had it, and they did. After having a few small pieces like the ones in this picture, I decided to have more. I was addicted to white chocolate for a good chunk of my stay there.

Day 49: The Little Things

This picture didn't actually come until I arrived back in Welland, Ontario because I was once again drawing a blank for what photo would work for this prompt. This photo came from seeing the soundtrack to The Lego Movie in Wal-Mart, and I thought, "Hey! These are little things!" Plus I was planning on going to see the movie later that day, so I figured it was relevant.

That's it for this week! I've got some nice photos for week 8 already, can't wait to show you!

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