Tuesday, February 25, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 8

I was still a little behind because of my Wasaga trip and getting back on track for returning to school (bleh), but I'm not finally caught up with my photos, and I'd say that this was quite the exceptional week for photographs. At least I think so, you'll have to decide:

Day 50: Shadows

For whatever reason, for this prompt I wanted to take a picture and then in the caption use lyrics from Ashlee Simpson's "Shadow." I like that song quite a bit. I couldn't think of what exactly to take a picture of. I couldn't get a shot of my silhouette on the ground outside because it happened to be cloudy that day. Then I happened to see the shadows being thrown on the wall behind my mom's collectible's cabinet. Inside the wood and glass structure are my mom's (and some of my own) Royal Doulton figurines. I happened to completely luck out with getting that bit of light reflecting on the glass and hovering over the wood. I am in love with this picture. I hope I'm able to take more like it in the future.

Day 51: Ears

If I'm remembering correctly, I picked up this ear cuff at the hospital gift shop where I volunteer. The first thing I thought when I saw the gold and the light blue plastic gem was that I thought it was something I could see Dany from Game of Thrones wearing. I had to get my mother to help me take this picture with my phone, since I was having trouble getting the angle I wanted XD

Day 52: In  A Tree

I took this photo from my boyfriend's kitchen window. I really had to zoom in to get a shot of those bare birch tree branches, but I honestly do like the look of it, and the filter I chose seemed to help the overall quality.

Day 53: From Behind

If I'm being completely honest here, this isn't the back of a Canadian hockey jersey, but it's the shoulder of a Canadian hockey jersey. I kept trying to snap pictures of myself from behind, but nothing looked all that great. My boyfriend was wearing his jersey for the final men's hockey game in Sochi and I figure it was zoomed in tight enough that it's too hard to really tell :P

Day 54: Fashion Statement

I love, love, LOVE this necklace! I bought it recently at Suzy Shier when I decided to do a bit of shopping in order to cheer myself up a little when I was feeling a little down. Nothing soothes the soul better than retail therapy in my opinion. I saw this at the cash register when I was buying a lacy white dress that I'm looking forward to wearing in the spring. I've been wearing this necklace pretty much ever since I bought it. Not sure exactly what this style is supposed  to be called, but I've decided to call it a love knot.

Day 55: Flakes

Let me tell you, it is near impossible to get a shot of midair, light and fluffy snowflakes. At least with my cell phone camera it is. I never tried with my real camera, and I probably should sometime before the snow goes away. We'd had a warmer weekend, and this was the light dusting of snowflakes that had rested on the ground early in the morning.

Day 56: How I Relax

For this I didn't want to take another picture faux-sleeping in my PJs, because I already did that for my very first photo of this challenge. Plus I'd already gotten dressed for my day (Tuesdays I'm at school for the longest so I decided to drop what I was doing and put extra effort into looking pretty). In the end I took this picture and captioned it "How Do I Relax, you may ask? In style! XD #yeahright"

That's all for this week! Hope I continue to do well with week 9's prompts!

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