Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Love Of Words #2

This week has actually been a bit of a slow week for mail. It could very well be because of the weather - we got a ton of snow in yesterday, and it's still coming down. Schools - and not just elementary and high schools, but my university - were closed partway through. I got to spend the day with my boyfriend playing card games and watching Black Books and The Big Bang Theory, so it wasn't too bad a day for me :) Hoping to get some more mail soon.

I got to thinking recently that I haven't done another post about words that I love that I've come across in my everyday life, and I thought it would be a good idea to change that. However, I couldn't think of any word that was stuck in my head enough to ramble about. To remedy this, I decided to seek outside sources. I asked my friends on Facebook and on Twitter to tel me what their favorite word was, and why. I told them it didn't have to be in English, and if it was a word they were really passionate about, it didn't have to necessarily be a "real", OED word either. Here are the explanations I received from the people that responded to my question:

"Eviscerate. Because. Eviscerate sounds sharp."
"Scrounde - because it sounds funny and is fun to say."
"Susurrar is Spanish for murmur. Also murmur. For sound based reasons."
"Languish is the first thing I thought of, and I don't know why. I also like 'abondigas,' which is Spanish for meatballs I think? I just have a fun time saying that."
"Spectatoritis . . . speaks for itself, from Mr. Hayhursy phys ed teacher and coach . . . where he would admonish us to Play It Not Watch It!"

"Antidisestablishmentarianism - it's a great word to use to teach prefixes and suggixes."
"Probably 'sorted' or 'innit' or 'spiffing', because they're fun to say and just so wonderfully British. I also like 'Oi' and 'Aye' and Arrr!' because other European people (and pirates). I also like the word bubble."
"Bacon simply because I like to eat it."
"SOnder, because it keeps me in touch with the world."
"Silhouette, because it sounds pretty."
"Scrumptious - a positive word, a feel good word particularly relates to a flavorful food experience. I like to combine with 'delicious' to make 'scrumpdillysious'."
"Y'all - I was told I couldn't use it for a day and promptly couldn't talk. Or scuttle - it's such an adorable word."
"Whimsical, precarious, for no particular reason. Tardis would be one for the unreal category.:
"Flail - part weapon, part description of a few people I know without using the word Muppet."

That's it for now! I'm certainly glad to have great friends and family that are willing to share such things with me, so I'd consider myself pretty lucky.

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  1. What a fun post! I love words :D Sometimes on Reddit a "what's your favorite word" thread will pop up and I just eat that right up!