Thursday, February 27, 2014

Geeks Run The World! #2

Ever since I wrote my last Geeks Run The World! post (and saw how much both other people and myself liked it), I've been dying to write another one! Thing is, there are SO many amazing geeks to write about! I think for the moment I'm going to stick with plugging other amazing geek blogs, written by people who inspire me or who make me smile or who just generally make me want to be a better geek. Here's a small sample of some of the blogs that I've been hooked on lately.
Created by: Cazz

Stumbling across this blog is a sure sign that the small ads that people include on their blogs work very, very well. I saw the ad for this blog on 2 geek-oriented blogs, and after coming across it multiple times I decided that I had to check it out. 

First post I saw today was snail mail related, so of course that made me smile :) Nerd Burger started off as a blog to showcase new jewelry pieces, and it has grown into so much more than that. She uses her blog as a way to essentially showcase who she is, along with all the things that she's passionate about. It's very much what I hope to do with my writing as my own blog grows and expands over the years. Here's a few sample pictures from her snail mail post.

I recommend that everyone who wants to start their own geek-centric blog, or just wants to learn how to blog openly and honestly about themselves and their interests, should take a look at Nerd Burger for themselves.

Created by: Abby

I found out about Abby through a post she recently did for Superheroesque, and MAN was it a good post! The image at the beginning of this blog post is from that article, and you can find it here. If you're a fellow geek like myself then please, please read it!

Her blog documents her daily looks on top of other things, and she's never one to hide her inner geek raging about inside, which I admire greatly. Abby is a great example of being a geek outwardly but not having to wear it on your sleeve consistently in order to be able to consider yourself a true geek. She is also a big travel enthusiast, which I really wish I was more of XP I went to the Dominican Republic in 2012 for my brother's wedding and haven't gone anywhere farther than Anime North ever since.

While roaming around her blog I also happened to find out that she is an author, and has two books listed on her blog, which you can take a look at here. I'm thinking that I'll be needing to hunt down that novel of hers the next chance I get.

And I didn't enjoy Abby's blog strictly for geek-related reasons, but also because I have a bit of an interest in fashion myself. I'll admit that more often than not I can be a lazy butt who just grabs her jeans off the floor from yesterday and finds a clean shirt to throw on, but there are times where I really try to put effort into how I look, and I admire Abby for doing that every single day :) And for getting to show us as well! I enjoy Abby's writing quite a bit, and I hope you all will too.

Created by: Luka Riot

The first reason I thought that I had to give Luka some props is for being a fellow Canadian geek girl, living in Toronto, Ontario, a city that I hope to one day inhabit. Her site is definitely different aesthetically from the other two I've looked at in this post, but in my line of work, "different" is almost always a good thing. Everything on the site is personalized to her tastes, and I like how she is able to put her personality, her passions, out there and have it mold into such an amazing product!

Just like Cazz, Luka has her own company as well, known as Hellound Fashions, which she has an entire section dedicated to on her blog. Found a pretty cool picture of her work space that I shall share for you all.

She's a very talented artist, and is also a Marvel/superhero geek as well. She has some of her post cards on sale at Etsy, and I recently purchased a pack of 3, which I hope will arrive soon. I'm looking forward to using them as Postcrossing cards!

So all three of these geeky girls have amazing qualities, and those qualities come out in their blogs! Please check them all out and expand your geeky horizons a bit by following the day-to-day of these terrific women.

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  1. Bah, they still haven't arrived yet? Curse you, Canada Post! You can get to England in three days, but it's been a week and you still haven't made it two hours? Hope they're there soon. :) And thanks for the feature, lady!