Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wasaga Beach - 15/02/14

(Looks nice, doesn't it? Unfortunately, that's not what it looks like at the moment...)

Greetings! So for the next week I'm going to be doing something a little different with my blog. As I'm writing this, I'm not sitting at home in Welland Ontario, but instead I am sitting in the home of my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mike in Wasaga Beach. For the past couple weeks when people have been asking me what I'm doing for my reading week, I kept telling them that I'd be going to Wasaga Beach. More often than not the look in their eyes was that of awe and jealousy, and they all ordered me to have fun during my time off. The reason I was tempted to laugh every time I got this reaction was that they clearly didn't know one thing about Wasaga:

It's a Canadian Beach. In February.

(That's more like it.)

So yeah, beach is more definitely a foreign concept to this particular area at least during this time of year.

But I didn't intend to dedicate my reading week towards getting a tan anyway! I'll admit going to the Dominican again would be an amazing vacation, but for now I am settling in for a relaxing visit with my aunt and uncle, who are so graciously letting me stay with them from Saturday the 15th until Thursday the 20th.

I have some homework to do while I'm here (hence the name Reading week), but I'm hoping to keep up with my blogging as well. Since I'm away from home, it's going to be rather difficult to blog about the mail I receive, and I'm not really in a place to send anything out either. For now, I shall be blogging about my stay here in Wasaga. This area is beautiful, summer or winter, and I've brought not only my trusty cell phone with me, but also my Canon Rebel X T4i camera, which I adore to bits and don't get to use nearly enough. I'm hoping to take some good pictures that I can post here. I'll be keeping up with my Photo-A-Day challenge as well, sticking to the prompts as best I can. Hopefully with my camera here I might even get a bit of filming done, if I find myself in the mood to film a vlog or two.

So far it's been really nice to be here, minus the 3 buses it took to get here in the first place. I have to admit, every time I get a chance to leave the small city of Welland for an extended period of time, I feel a little more grown up. While I'm here I hope I can spend some quality time with my family, enjoy some movies and BBC specials (which both my relatives adore, much like myself), I'll get my homework done so I don't need to stress about it when I get home, and all will be well.

Looking forward to telling you all more about my time here!

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