Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wasaga Beach - 17/02/14

(Yep. . . STILL really cold. . .)

Yesterday started off as just as relaxed as the day before was. I took my time getting up in the morning (which is a glorious thing in and of itself) and I fixed myself a bagel with peanut butter while I chatted with my aunt Kathy. Even with it being Family Day my uncle had to go into work until 11.

Monday actually amounted to me leaving my aunt and uncle's house. I went with my aunt Kathy, along with her daughter / my cousin Valerie and her husband Gord to the cinema to go and see The Monuments Men.

I'm not going to give a full review here, but I very much enjoyed this movie. Featuring the talents of Hugh Bonneville from Downton Abbey, George Clooney - starring and directing - from pretty much everything else, and of course Bill Murray, aka "Bill Fucking Murray!" for those who have seen Zombieland and adore him as much as I do.
(You can actually get this design as a sticker, card or t-shirt from RedBubble.)

Aside from the cast, the movie was stylistically nice to look at, and I very much enjoyed the entirety of the movie and how it was put together.

So that was a very pleasant way to spend an early afternoon, and on Family Day no less. After that my aunt had to go and visit her father, who is currently staying in a local hospital here. He's been having some health issues recently, and was admitted to the hospital perhaps a week before I was due to travel from St. Catharines to Barrie. I made sure to message my aunt when I saw her post about her dad on Facebook, first wishing her and her father well and then making absolutely sure that my coming to stay with them wasn't going to be in any way a burden. She insisted that it wasn't, and they were very excited to be having me.

When she went to go visit her dad I stayed in the car. She insisted that she'd only be there for about 15 minutes and it was doubtful that her dad would remember me anyway from the last time we saw each other at the Christmas party. My aunt asked if I wanted to keep the van running but I said no, since she wasn't going to be gone for very long at all. I sat there and caught up on my YouTube videos on my phone, and once that was done with I began listening to one of my audio books for the second time, Fire With Fire by Jenny Han and Sibohan Vivian.

It took a little bit longer for my aunt to arrive; my feet were pretty cold by the time she hopped back into the van. But apparently her dad was doing a lot better, and I was thankful for that. 

One thing that we've spent a lot of time watching since I arrived at the house was the figure skating competitions going on in Sochi right now. Mainly my aunt and uncle were rooting for the Canadians, but specifically they were of course big fans of Tessa & Scott.

(I'd never really watched figure skating before this week, but watching with my aunt and uncle has taught me a lot)

I don't know the whole story but my aunt agrees with the man that invented one of the steps or turns that Tessa & Scott performed out on the ice that the judges were critiquing skaters for during the short. Apparently this guy said that he'd never seen this move pulled off as perfectly as when Tessa & Scott did it, and he thinks that they were robbed.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for the american winners, and I know that Tessa & Scott were happy just to be there and to skate as beautifully as they did, but I guess it is a bit of a shame for Canada not to get another gold medal. It's funny, I'm so used to not really paying attention to any sort of athletics on TV - during the winter Olympics in Vancouver I watched the opening ceremonies but otherwise was too busy typing up CAPPIES reviews and doing grade 12 homework to watch the hockey games or anything else - but this year it was fun watching not only the figure skating and other events with my aunt and uncle, but with people at school or my boyfriend I've watched some other events as well.

Hoping that Canada earns some more gold medals before the Olympics are done with. And those are the only real events I have to report on regarding my Monday in Wasaga Beach! Go Canada!

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