Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wasaga Beach - 18/02/14

(Wonder if the lights always remain out there . . . I'll let you guys know when I visit again in the summer XD)

Another relaxing morning! I actually stayed up until 2 AM the night before, but not with my aunt and uncle. They usually turn in between 10-10:30, and are up early for their respective jobs. I stayed up on my own, dicking around on my phone and watching The Karate Kid on TV. Eventually I fell asleep, and eventually I woke up, still in my jeans. 

My aunt insisted on making me pancakes from scratch, given how much she loves to cook. I told her that I wasn't a fan of buttermilk, so she didn't add it to the mix, which I was grateful for. She did tell me that she as adding some sour cream to the mix, since it would help thicken the pancakes. Aunt Kathy insisted that I wouldn't taste it, but I did. If it wasn't for that, they would have been perfect.

(It's quite a thing to see a true cook's kitchen in action)

There's one thing I noticed about my aunt and uncle in the comfort of their own home the very first time I came here to visit, and I've continued to notice it during each of my visits. My aunt and uncle have a very odd way of bickering with one another. Like when watching something on TV, for example. Kathy will speak up to give historical context to something, Mike gripes at her to quiet down. Then Mike will speak to me about something that has just popped into his head, and Kathy immediately shushes him. They bicker in the funniest way. If you were on the outside, you'd think they hate each other.

But they have been together for many, many years; they started dating when they were teenagers. It just seems so bizarre to me, to have two people that bicker just as much as they do. But they get along, really, and they love each other, and they know the other inside and out and know exactly what makes the other tick. It's refreshing in a way; they have an odd-looking relationship, sure, but they've been together for over 40 years. It's not only refreshing, but inspiring.

Oh, did I mention that my aunt and uncle have a cat? They used to have two, but one of them passed away last year. Since the internet is so much in love with its cats, I feel compelled to show you a picture.

(Despite my aunt's protests, I still say that this cat doesn't like me. . .)

That right there is Sasha, aka Sous-Sous, aka, Tatty. I prefer to call her Tattycoram, like the character in Little Dorrit. She likes to squack a lot, and loudly. My aunt and uncle say it's because she misses their deceased cat. They were a pair for many years, so now Sasha is just kind of lost. I feel bad for her. Then again, it's hard to feel bad when her squacking wakes me up in the morning XP

Today, unfortunately, has been uneventful; I've begun working on my homework, which is a complete bore. One upside is that I've been getting my aunt and uncle hooked on Game of Thrones, which is always fun. That'll probably be all I'll be up to tonight. And attempting homework. . . Of course. . .

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