Monday, February 24, 2014

Wasaga Beach - 19/02/14

(Yep. . . That's a lot of snow. . .)

So today was a bit more adventurous, but at the same time, I've also sort of trapped myself into my aunt and uncle's house. It took me forever to get out of bed in the morning - I just did not want to get up for whatever reason. Eventually I did, and this was Kathy's day to get back in the kitchen and get cooking. Pretty sure I've mentioned she's a caterer (which explains the vast spread of cooking supplies I showed you in a previous post), and she had most of her time with me there off.

After making myself a quick bagel, I decided that this would be the day that I would trek out to the beach and get some photos for those out there who do not know what a Canadian beach looks like in the middle of February. First, I had to climb on top of this huge snow mound to continue down the path toward the beach.

Then I had to go through another snow mound to actually reach the beach, this one more daunting that the last.

- Let me just state here, for those who don't live in areas with large increments of snow but might decide to travel to such an area one day, climbing on top of a big snow mound like this, even if it's just leftovers on the side of a parking lot that snow plows have shoved over, is extremely dangerous. Sure, it might look like a mountain to scale for fun, but it's definitely not impossible to fall though, get stuck and have no way of freeing yourself. If I didn't have a way of carefully maneuvering around the majority of the snow pile, I wouldn't have attempted this little trek on my own.

But I did make it unscathed, actually laughing at the couple of times I did stumble, because that's just how I roll XD And I was able to take several pictures for all of you!

Doesn't it just look like a complete wasteland? I was pretty sure that I could keep walking out pretty far - but knowing that somewhere out there the sand turned to ice, I decided against it, and just stayed on the safe side to take pictures.

At one point while walking on the beach one of my feet happened to sink into a random hole in the snow, and it sent me falling, almost face first. Luckily I had my camera strap around my neck and I held it up to keep it from touching the snow. Luckily I was all bundled up, and the stumble didn't bother me in the least. Heck, I'm used to falling by now :P

Once I got back all I really did was attempt to work on a paper I had due for my Life Writing class. I didn't get very far. Plus my aunt gave me some chocolate mousse that she needed eaten. I looooove chocolate mousse. It was so rich and decadent I took one bite and thought, "Hmm. . . Bet you anything this will give me a headache if I don't eat slowly." 

It was only my aunt Kathy that joined me later in the evening - my aunt's dad was being discharged from the hospital and was spending the night somewhere else, so my uncle was there with him so that he wouldn't wake up and get confused in the middle of the night. My aunt and I watched the last 2 episodes of the second season of Game of Thrones, which of course were epic. She kept asking me about what happened to various characters in the next season, but I refused to tell her - she'll have to find out on her own ;)

Next I will document my last day in Wasaga, which was not how I expected it to go. Either way, I still have some cool pictures to share with you all!

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