Tuesday, February 25, 2014

While I Was Away

Now that I'm home from my adventures over Reading Week in Wasaga Beach, I now have my mail to get back to! I didn't receive nearly as much as I thought I might while I was away, but there was still mail to be had!

Items In My Mailbox: 2 Items!

Items 1 & 2: Letters from Pen Pal Diana & My Friend Tory!

It's funny, that whenever I receive letters I end up getting two at the same time, so that it takes me that much longer to respond to and send out both. I won't be waiting to send both out at the exact same time or anything, but that is what happened to have occurred last time, but I'm pretty sure that was just a coincidence.

Tory happened to stick her letter inside of a cute card decorated with various flowers. What she wrote on the inside honestly made me laugh out loud.

This is probably a crack/decision made because I always include a pretty - or "fancy" - card with every letter I send to Tory. Either way, it made me laugh, and the front of the card is gorgeous, so I greatly appreciate it.

Diana included a gorgeous illustration on the first page of the letter she sent me :) I thought at first it was just a general image of an amusement park, but I found out from reading her letter that she decided to draw the Santa Monica pier, because I'm stuck in a cold and snowy environment right now, unlike that lucky Californian pen pal of mine XD So she drew that picture for me so that I could think warm thoughts, and I absolutely love that. Her art is gorgeous and colourful and it made my day, so I appreciate it so, so much!

Replying to Tory's letter and getting it sent out is probably not going to take me too long, but I might wait a little while to send out something to Diana. See, I happened to lose a bet to her recently over Twitter. Here's a quick look at the events that occurred:

I kept trying to tempt her, see if I could convince her to break her convictions and open the package I sent her before her birthday. . .

Apparently it's rather difficult to try and con a person over Twitter. I'm sure masterminds could do it, such as Neal Caffrey from White Collar, but I'm no hot man in a fedora, so I failed.

So I'm probably going to hold off sending her letter until I get a package together for her, which will include a stationary-related item of some sort. I think I already have an idea for what I'm sending her, but I'm not fully decided yet. In the meantime, I'll work at replying to these letters. I'll be sure to keep you guys posted!

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