Thursday, March 6, 2014


Items In My Mailbox Today: 1 Item!

Item #1: My Cosplay Costume from!

Typically, when I see a DHL van pull up to my door, I get this gross feeling that takes up the entirety of my stomach. More often than not when I order something from ThinkGeek, it's DHL that brings it to my door. Then, no matter what is sitting in the package they're holding, I get slammed with a $30+ fee at the door, even though I already paid that much for shipping. Products from ThinkGeek used to be worth this financial abuse at the door, but lately I've been avoiding ordering things from there unless I absolutely have to.

This package, luckily, didn't cost me a single cent at the door! All I had to do was sign for the bright yellow box and it was mine, all mine :) I excitedly opened it in my mother's room so she could see, and was elated as I ripped open the box and pulled out each item, making sure to keep it off the sheets so that my brand new costume didn't get covered in dog hair. In case I haven't mentioned it before, the costume that I purchased is the first outfit worn by Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite. It's also the reason I've been growing out my hair.

So the top half of the costume - the shirt, necktie and lace choker fit perfectly! Problem was, the skirt did not fit. At all. I couldn't even pull it on all the way to get it zipped up. I tried pulling it on over my head by that just resulted in two of the sewn-on decorations on the skirt snapping off.

Once I had a bit of a panic, my mother and I measured the skirt. Not only did the skirt not fit the measurements I gave to Cosplay House in the slightest, but there was only a 2" inch difference between the Waist and Hip area of the skirt. Let me tell you, no girl is built that way! I don't think it's even physically possible. Guys can be slim all the way down, but we women have wider hips for a reason, right?

We took pictures of the costume with a measuring tape displaying exactly how tiny the skirt was made, and I sent them with an email to customer service over at Cosplay House, in the hopes that because it was an error on the tailor's part I'll be able to get a new skirt made to my correct measurements for free.

Luckily, I received a reply from Cosplay House today. They said that they will make a new skirt for me and I will have it before my first convention of the year :) I'm looking forward to getting my new skirt! My first costume came very quickly after I ordered it, so I'm sure that the new skirt will be made and sent to me in no time.

Until next time, I'll keep you posted.

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