Sunday, March 9, 2014


Going Out In My Mailbag Today: 1 Item!

Item #1: Card w/ Written Message for Famous YouTuber Zoella!

I finally did it!

It was a couple months ago where I first wrote about a few projects that I wanted to undertake that related to snail mail, to this blog and to myself. One of these projects was to send off messages to 2 particular women from YouTube that inspire me in various ways. Well, I happened to finally get one of those messages sent out, and that is to Zoella from the UK.

The card I wrote my message in is one of the 3 cards I ordered from Wit & Whistle, and I sincerely hope she likes it. I'm not expecting any sort of reply, but like when I send out most things in the mail, if I can make people smile than that's more than enough :)

Zoella is a beauty blogger, and while I don't always put 100% effort into how I look (and my hair isn't quite long enough to attempt her halo braid video), I still enjoy watching her videos, whether they're makeup tutorials or a haul video after she's been to Home Sense shopping for her new apartment. She also has a secondary channel where she does daily vlogs and collaborations with awesome people. All in all she inspires me because she always manages to get A-grade quality up for her fans, whether it's with videos or with her blog posts.

Zoella also did a pretty great video with her friend SprinkleofGlitter where they go over various tips for people who want to start a blog. It was very informative and helped be a great deal when putting WWW together.

In the card I sent to Zoella I included:
- An IGGPPC postcard with a short message written on the back
- The bunny illustration sticker I ordered from RedBubble.
- One of my KC signatures made out of black paper.


Now for the record: I'm not sending things to vloggers in order to acquire any sort of self-promotion, either for me or the IGGPPC or the blog. Truthfully, I share these things with people, even perfect strangers, to share a bit of my life with another person. There's no real end-game in mind. I like forging connections, even small ones, and I hope that every person that receives an envelope in the mail with their name hand written on it, whether it's from me or somebody else, that they will smile and remember that joy that is involved with getting something in the mail.

Items In My Mailbox Today: 1 Item!

Item #1: My Order from QuikPod!

A few years back for Christmas, I happened to receive a very unique gift for Christmas. Itn is something known as a QuikPod, and it is a device, similar to a tripod only with a much sleeker and a singular design, where you attach your camera to it and it makes it easier to film something you can't reach, or to film/take a photo of yourself without getting the "selfie" arm in the shot XD

I already have the actual QuikPod device. The thing that I decided to order was the adapter piece that attaches to my camera, aka the "shoe", as I heard it called when I took Communications class in high school and worked with cameras a lot. It's a tiny piece, and I must've lost it along the way somewhere, and I really liked the idea of using this QuikPod for my vlogging, so I decided to order a new one. On top of that, I also decided to order a Smart Phone adapter, which you can see in both of the pictures above.

I'm still going to vlog using my amazing DSLR camera, but I thought that having a Smart Phone adapter for my QuikPod could be useful. I'll admit that I rather like the idea of taking selfies a bit easier XD Aside from that though, I think it will be able to help me reach places that I normally can't using just my arm and my smart phone. Since my smart phone is what I usually use for my photo-a-day challenge, I'm hoping this new addition to my supply of equipment will help me greatly.

That's it for now! Promise to keep you posted.

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