Monday, March 10, 2014


Items In My Mailbox Today: 2 Items!

Item #1: Letter From My New Pen Pal Leiya, aka @littletinyghost!

I only just today was able to get a look at the Instagram for my new pen pal. She is so adorable, and so are her pictures, I can barely stand it XD

Her name is pronounced as in princess Leia, which I'm shocked I didn't catch on to before she pointed it out at the beginning of her letter :P I remember wondering about how postage was different in the US versus Canada when I saw four stamps decorating the front of the envelope - all of them very heavy on the patriotism. Inside of her card Leiya explained that the postage rates are changing and she wanted to make use of the stamps she had left before that happened or before they expired, one or the other.

Leiya seems to have a talent for dressing up her letters with a pretty card, some gold cord, stickers, confetti and really cute stationary. She also sent me a strip of teddy bear stickers, which are adorable! I'll have to make sure I come correct when I get to sending her my letter. I always make sure to include a cute card and I always use stamps and whatnot but I'll have to make sure I don't get lazy with her letters, since she put so much effort into making things so nice :)

After reading her first letter to me, I was actually quite shocked that we both seem to have so much in common! For instance, she considered being and English/Writing major, but instead became a film major with a focus on editing. And I originally wanted to be a film editor, and considered going to Niagara College to study that, but in the end I decided to become an English/Writing major XD I love how that works out! We also have a lot of common interests, hobbies, and geek loves! I've already started writing back to her, and I can't wait to continue writing and telling her directly how glad I am that we have so much in common :)

Item #2: Grey Dress From, Delivered from China!

When I arrived home on Friday from my typical errands with my mother and my grandmother, we found a delivery slip from Canada Post in the mailbox, meaning that I had a package that I would need to pick up at the Post Office since I wasn't home to receive them. It's funny actually, typically I'm home and constantly checking the mailbox, wondering whether or not the mailman has arrived yet, and it's on Friday, the day I'm always gone out from 8-12, is when things decide to get delivered early XP I'm not complaining about the postal service, mind you, I'm just sighing over it.

I happened to order something from over impulse. I found out about Wish through Facebook, which I think is how the site mainly gets its business. I ordered something from there on impulse once before. I got myself a pretty Love necklace last year around this time as a Valentine's Day gift for myself, and it began to rust pretty quickly after I got it, which was sad. Luckily I didn't pay much for it because it was on sale. I didn't pay much for the dress either; there was some sort of feature that day, which was why I got an email from Wish. I wasn't sure what compelled me that day, but I couldn't resist buying this dress for whatever reason.

I was a little worried, because it was listed strictly as One Size, and I thought that perhaps O/S would run a bit smaller, especially since it was coming from China. But it actually fits rather well. I had trouble getting it on at first, to the point that I thought the buttons were on the back one time and that the collar was just really high! XD. There's some gaping between a few of the buttons, but I'll be sewing in some of those tiny clasps so that will no longer be an issue. I'll have to make sure to wear it with leggings sometime before the weather begins to warm up too much. I'm honestly tempted to attempt Zoella's halo braid while wearing this dress. Not sure if my hair is quite long enough, but it couldn't hurt to give it a shot, right?

That's all for now! I'l be keeping you posted.

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