Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Items In My Mailbox Today: 3 Items.

Item #1: Returned Letter. Originally Sent to My Friend Tory.

When I found this in my mailbox this morning, it had to be one of the biggest bummers ever. I know it's not the best picture, but this was me getting my letter returned because it doesn't include an apartment number.

In a way I blame my friend, although I can't blame her completely: I had copied her address from the envelope of the most recent letter she sent to me, and she must've forgotten to include her apartment number as part of her return address.

I wish they'd put a sticky note on it, instead of writing in pen right on the envelope. . . I'm thinking I'll have to take out the card & letter and send it out to her all over again, which really sucks because I'd decorated it so much :(

Once I got this back, I was incredibly bummed out. For the majority of my life I've had a lot of trouble with anxiety, and I've also undergone the occasional bout of depression, but never anything too serious. It doesn't take much to change my mood from chipper and upbeat to mopey and down in the dumps. Getting this back, knowing it would take a lot longer to get to Tory after I had put so much effort into writing this letter to her, really made me sad. I was sad as I walked to the mailbox to drop in my postcards, I was sad on the bus to school, and I was sad on the walk into school. It was even more of a bummer that I was sad because I had tried so hard to look nice today, which usually puts me in a good mood! I attempted Zoella's Halo Braid, and while my hair isn't quite long enough, it worked rather well.

(included in the bottom left picture are my earrings that say "Tuesday")

I kept trying to find upbeat music to cheer me up, but it wasn't working. I continued to be sad until I went to the computer commons to print off an assignment I'd completed the night before. I pulled up the document from my email and set it to print off. I also happened to notice another email I received: It was a message from a Kickstarter I recently backed for Board with Life, the web series on YouTube, except it wasn't the regular update email. I opened it up to find this message:

Chris Bryan says:

Hi Kacie, thee of mine same name!

This is Casey (C-A-S-E-Y - inferior, I know) from Board with Life! I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for backing our Kickstarter! We're super excited for season two and are humbled by the generosity of supporters like you who are helping to make it happen.

So yeah, thank you again! And thank you so much for sharing our link on Facebook! We saw that and we really appreciate it!

See you in the comments!


I do get that automated messages going out to Kickstarter supporters would be typically sent around this time (the Kickstarter ends in about 4 days), but I doubt all automated thank you messages would include a funny little intro regarding our similar names. Because of this the message felt more personal, and it made me think that the people behind Board with Life were making sure to personalize as many thank you messages as possible. Getting this personal thank you happened to cheer up my mood quite a bit.

I'm thinking I'll send a response, sort of a thank you to Casey's thank you, and try to plug the Kickstarter on Facebook and Twitter more with the time I have left. I wish I could kick in some extra money and get the season 1 DVD, but I should really save my money with all the online shopping I've been doing. Hopefully my shameless plugging on Facebook & Twitter can help them get to their next push goal - I'd love to see another holiday episode!

Item #2: Black Sheep Lacquer Subscription #1!

It's here it's here! Another reason I should not be bummed about one small bad thing happening to me today.

I have to reiterate this: Erin, the shop owner, is one of the nicest people ever! Like I mentioned in a previous post, we chatted back and forth for a while about the option of me getting a subscription since I wanted to purchase something from her store anyway. Once again, Erin has spoiled me - not just with a handful of yellow confetti in the package either! XD

(By the way, that is the draft for this blog post on the laptop screen in the background XD)

She sent me the pretty pearl white and shimmery green that we originally discussed. I didn't get a mini bottle of Tequila Sunrise, but instead I received a mini bottle of what I believe is another thermal polish. My guess is that it is the thermal known as Jump In The Fire - otherwise it's a whole new polish that hasn't been released on her site yet. I also received a mini bottle of another green colour that is featured on her site, Dropkick, which is an awesome name! For the extra mini bottle, as well as the free emery board, I will be sure to thank Erin profusely!

Item #3: Postcrossing Postcard from the USA!

Right off the bat, I love how unique the image is on this postcard. The sender talks about how the weather is beginning to warm up where she lives and how she is very much looking forward to spring arriving at long last. In my thank you message I talked about how I was also looking forward to the weather getting warmer, but also about how we're expecting a snow storm tomorrow, which is a royal pain XP

Going Out In My Mailbag Today: 2 Items!

Items 1-2: Postcards from The Princess Bride for Fellow Geeks/Postcrossers!

These cards, are very, very long overdue. Way back in January, I wrote to two Postcrossers that I found out considered themselves geeks or nerds. I mentioned to them that I had just received a set of Princess Bride postcards for Christmas, and if they wanted I could send them one of these cards. One of these Postcrossers is from the US, who was very enthusiastic about the idea of a geeky postcard exchange, and another is in Germany, who loved that I had Princess Bride cards specifically to share. I hope they enjoy these cards, even if they are a bit too long in the design XP

Wow, lots of things today! XD I'll be keeping you all posted next time!

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