Thursday, March 20, 2014


Items In My Mailbox Today: 1 Item!

Item #1: Postcard From My Pen Pal Diana!

Normally Tuesdays are my only hellish days at school, but one thing that has been keeping me chipper is the fact that I can count the number of weeks of school left with one hand. Once this week is done, I have one more week with no due dates (when I should probably start actually working on school stuff), and then my final week I have 2 papers due. The week after I no longer have classes, but I have 2 more final assignments due, which are bigger ones. And then I am FREE for the rest of April! I'll probably be taking a class or two during the summer, so my last year of University will be a lot less heavy and stressful. I'm looking at some pretty cool courses for the summer, and once I register for them on Monday I'll be sure to tell you all about them.

Another reason that I was particularly chipper this Tuesday was because I had decided that I needed a bit of a vacation from my longest school day. Since my mini panic attack last Thursday, I've been trying to take things easy and not stress myself out too much again. Which is one of the reasons I decided that after my seminar I would head home early and do a bit of cleaning in my bedroom instead of sitting in various lecture halls until 8 PM.

When I got home, aside from being greeted by my yippy dog who had been left at home by my mother, who was gone to watch my brother's dog while he relaxes with his wife in Mexico (lucky. . .), I was also greeted by a postcard! Immediately once I figured out that the card was from the Library of Los Angeles I fell in love with the card, since as you might have guessed, libraries and bookstores are my thing :) I was even more excited when I realized it wasn't from a regular Postcrosser, but from my pen pal!

I literally squealed with happiness after I read the message written on the back. It was so nice of her to send me a postcard! Not only that, but she sent it with the promise of sending more!

Now you know that I definitely need to get some post cards out to her! I can't decide if I should send her one of my Brock University postcards or if I should skip straight to awesome & geeky postcards XDD Maybe you guys have a better idea of what I should send her? Let me know in the comments for now.

I'll be keeping you posted until then!

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