Monday, March 24, 2014

23/03/14 - 24/03/14

23/03/14: Going Out In My Mailbag: 1 Item!

Item #1: Resent My Letter & Card to My Friend Tory!

So obviously it took me long enough, but I finally got Tory's card out to her. It still bugs me a bit that whoever sent that back wrote on the envelope instead of just sticking to the note attached to the envelope to communicate why it was being sent back, but I just scrubbed it out with even more black, found the missing apartment number, and stuck it back in the mailbox. I messaged Tory to let her know that she should be receiving the letter soon, but also that some of the contents of the letter are a bit out of date, and that if she needs me to update anything, she can just message me.

24/03/14: Going Out In My Mailbag: 6 Items!

Items 1-6: Postcrossing Postcards!

So I have quite a few cards that I sent out today, in order to catch up to my maximum number of cards sent for Postcrossing (which is now 8). Out of these cards going out today I have cards going out to the USA, China, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany and the Czech Republic. Two of the cards I sent out, as you can see, where Brock University cards, while the other 4 came out of my Impossible Postcard collection.

On most of these cards, when it got to writing a little bit about myself (aside from the fact that I'm a 21 English/Writing Major living in a small city about 20 minutes away from Niagara Falls, which I include on most cards), I tended to write about how I couldn't wait until this current school term is over, mainly because I'm looking forward to being able to read for pleasure again. I've already got a list of books that I'd like to read once I'm free of due dates, which includes books soon to be released as well as books that are already out. I still haven't read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and that's long overdue!

24/03/13: Items In My Mailbox: 2 Items!

Item #1: Postcrossing Postcard from The Netherlands!

I happened to get a lot of junk mail in the mailbox today as well, so when I first saw this I thought it was another ad XD But then I flipped it over and somebody had written me a message with a green pen and I was like, "Oh! Okay, not a weird vacation ad, awesome!" XD Apparently the sender's daughter picked out the card, and she hopes I like it. Well, I love it :) Once I realized it was a postcard, it made me laugh. The sender wants to travel to Canada one day. Unfortunately the tickets are expensive, plus they have 2 kids. So this year they're going to France for their holiday. I told the sender in my Thank You message that I'm super jealous, and wish I could go to France someday. Also told them how I'd like to see Britain and Italy someday.

Item #2: Skirt for my Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth Cosplay from Cosplay House!

I got an email that the newly made skirt shipped just a couple days ago, and here it is! Gotta love DHL (when they're not hitting me with a whole bunch of fees at the door, that is)!

I love the new skirt! This one I'm actually able to get up over my butt, so thus far it's a great improvement XD I absolutely love how adorable it looks on! I took this picture w/o the lace choker, but don't worry, I definitely have one! When I placed my order for this costume I also asked them not to include the bird/cage pins because for my last birthday I received a set of the 2 Bioshock Infinite pins that you have to choose from for Elizabeth to wear. My ex-boyfriend gave them to me, and I appreciate them so much :D It really does look fantastic on - my hair isn't quite as long as I need it to be for her low ponytail, but my first convention isn't until early June, and I still have plenty of time to grow it out, plus my hair grows fast. Actually grabbed my ticket for the Niagara Falls Comic Con the other day, since they sell them at the mall. I am so stoked! I've only gone one before, and it was one of the first years they had it, so there wasn't a whole lot there. They've got a bunch more going on now, and I'm looking forward to the experience. Plus I get to meet Sparklegirl Jen while I'm there, and hopefully some other iggles!

Oh, by the way! One particularly grateful mother happened to receive the package I sent her yesterday :) Not only did she send me a Thank You text & a Facebook post on the vlogiggles group, but she decided to include pictures :)

Is that little newborn baby with the plastic mustache not adorable?! :D

Apparently Ella is in love with her new book, which I am very happy with. Like I said, Beth must be raising that child right if she's excited about reading at a young age; nothing could be better. Not only that but her eldest daughter has a bit of a silly streak; after seeing baby Eny's new pacifier, she couldn't help but try it out herself!

Also adorable! I'm really glad that Beth liked the gifts I sent to her children, and it looks like they both appreciate them, and I couldn't ask for any more. Here's to the happy family, along with their newest member, Baby Eny :)

I'll keep you guys posted on what happens next!

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