Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Items In My Mailbox: 3 Items!

Item #1: Jane Austen Postcard from Fellow Geek Girl Patricia!

What I find funny about this card is that Patricia thought that sending me a Jane Austen card didn't fully count as a "geeky" postcard.

Pah! Clearly she doesn't know me quite yet XD

I grinned ear to ear when I got a look at the card and then read this quote. I remember seeing a box of Jane Austen-themed postcards for sale on, and I was super tempted to buy them. The thing is, I couldn't think of too many Postcrossers that would appreciate getting a Jane Austen-themed postcard :( That's the way it goes I guess. But not this Postcrosser! According to Patricia, she frequently geeks out over Jane Austen. I bet that if we were to meet in real life that we would get along famously :)

In order to make up for the "geek cred" she thought she lost by choosing a Jane Austen card, she also included 3 awesome Harry Potter stamps! This might also be because of the increased postage rates in the US that I keep hearing about, but still, they are amazing. There was definitely no geek cred lost by her choice in card. I intend to ask her about whether or not she watches Emma Approved and if she's seen The Lizzie Bennet Diaries when I send her another card. Now I've got a good selection of cards that I can send her, but of course I'll start off with the geeky ones!

Item #2: Invitation from the NHS Welland Hospital Auxillary!

One thing that readers may not know about me is that I am a volunteer at my local hospital's gift shop. I started volunteering there during my last year of high school, in order to get my community service hours that I needed in order to graduate. I started in February and I had all 40 hours by April, but even so I decided when I started volunteering that I wanted to stick with it. And I've been there ever since! This past February marked 4 years that I've been working there. It's a pretty nice gig - I bring my laptop and I can do homework (only there's no WiFi) or I can read or play my 3DS or whatever else. I regularly get to train new volunteers who are trying to get their community service hours, but aside from the high school-aged volunteers, the majority of the volunteers are older ladies. Which is why, while I appreciate the invitation to this luncheon, as well as the occasional perks I get during volunteer month (last year I got a note pad, a pen and a really cool gold & pink pin), I probably won't attend this or any other event that the hospital throws for their volunteers. The thought is always appreciated though :)

Item #3: Postcard Order 1 of 3 from!

Yeah, 1 of 3 sounds pretty bad, especially since I mentioned in an earlier post that I really need to stop shopping online and I need to start saving my money. Thing is, most of what I ordered came pretty cheap. This Pattern Box of 100 Postcards was the priciest thing I bought, and I only paid $20 for it. The different patterns that come with this box are pretty cool. One thing I like about this box is that the cards are organized, witrh actual dividers inside the box, by the designer that created the patterns/textiles/designs. Some of the designers included in this box are Hannah Schultz, Victoria Garcia, Eskayel, Anna Niestroj and Kindah Khalidy. Along with this particular order, I also received a small book of 10 cards, all of them Modern Vintage Postcards with gorgeous pictures decorating the front of each of them. There's actually one inside of the booklet that I really have my heart set on and that I'm tempted to keep, but I'll probably just save it and send it out last.

That's all this time! I'll keep you all posted!

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