Monday, March 31, 2014


Going Out In My Mailbag Today: 3 Items!

Item #1: Card To My Boyfriend :)

It's been a while since I sent anything to my guy, but since we've been seeing so much of each other lately, I doubt he will mind too much. Lately we've had some pretty great development regarding our relationship, and I can honestly say, even with the looming threat of his graduating and moving away for work, things have been better than ever :)

Along with a short & sweet message that I wrote within this card (from a new set I recently purchased from Chapters called Love Notes), I included two pieces of writing this time. The first one is a piece that I really wish I could include a link to, because it's sincere and beautiful. However, it's not something to be found online; it's a piece of writing I was given as part of a class during Fall Term 2013 that was written by somebody my professor knew when working in BC. The piece is called Give Up Being A Writer by Rex Weyler, and I love it to bits. I honestly want to have this piece of writing re-created into something I can hang on my wall, right in front of my desk, so that I can look at it all the time and find inspiration from it. If you're curious, the author Rex Weyler is on Twitter, and I suppose there's no harm in contacting him and asking him for a copy.

The second piece that I sent him is actually an article that I found online on the +Psychology Today website. The article is called "The Most Loving Thing You Can Say To Your Partner." It's a short article, and the main focus of it is that when you're romantically involved with someone and you want things to last, you should ask them, "What can I do to make you feel loved?", which I completely agree with. My boyfriend and I have the sort of relationship where we're both content in trying to make the other one as happy as possible, and we feel good both when we are treated well and feel loved and when we do something for the other in order to to make them feel loved. I think that he'll appreciate the article, plus it's short, so I hope that he really likes it once he received it in the mail.

Item #2: Letter to My Pen Pal Leiya!

You might recognize this if you checked out my earlier post titled How I Send A Letter (and if you don't then you should check it out immediately!). It actually took me quite some time to write this letter since receiving my first letter from Leiya, and I made sure to apologize profusely in the message I wrote inside the card. Enclosed with the letter is a jewelry sample for her, that being a stick pin, which I picked because I not only still have a ton left over, but I thought that it was unique. Leiya interested in fashion, Japanese fashion to be specific, and I thought this little piece might be nice to include along with her letter. If nothing else, I hope it works as an apology gift XD Even so, I know in the future that I'll have to be careful with taking too long to send out a response to letters, especially since Leiya is my newest pen pal and I don't want her to think I've abandoned her, which happens all too frequently when it comes to IGGPPC pen pals.

Item #3: Postcrossing Postcard to Poland!

Now I'm sure you'd think that with all the new postcards I've received lately that I'd be eager to use them as opposed to the free Brock University postcards that I picked up at my school store. However, this recipient didn't seem to be too much into artsy cards, or cards with pictures of places that were not located in our home country. Truth be told, the most common request of Postcrossers is to receive cards from senders' native areas, because the main motive for most people joining Postcrossing is to learn about new places in a cost efficient way. I'm hoping at some point that I'll have time to make a trip to Niagara Falls, even possibly Toronto, and be able to pick up some local postcards. My local post office no longer sells Canada-specific postcards, or any kinds of postcards really. When they did, the only ones they had included images of beavers and mounties, which aren't quite as good as pictures of Niagara Falls. With any luck, once my school stuff is over in April, I'll have time to make a trip out to the Falls and pick up some new cards.

That's it for now! I'll keep you all posted!

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