Tuesday, March 11, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 10

Another week of interesting prompts. Can't believe I've been taking photos for 70 straight days, it's pretty insane. Alright, let's get right to it!

Day 64: Transportation.

Truth be told I took this picture the day before this prompt, and used it because I had a couple assignments I was working on that day. I had posted the full picture to Twitter of a very dismal and cold day, focusing on a nearby snowbank more than this spot on the pavement that just happened to be in the shot. But I think I lucked out with being able to isolate the wed tread marks and being able to apply it to this prompt.

Day 65: Something In The Kitchen.

Here is another example of where I got a bit behind with my photos. I'd actually taken the photo for day 66 before this one, because I wasn't sure what in my kitchen that I should take a photo of. This spinning Keurig pod rack is probably the most colourful thing I have in my kitchen, so it certainly worked well enough.

Day 66: Corked

I was very excited about this prompt. At first I found myself thinking, "Meh, I'll have to take a picture of a bottle of wine. . ." when the idea hit me. My boyfriend, who is currently studying wine making, has a collection of corks that he keeps in his backpack. When I got this idea, I texted him to ask if he would mind me taking a picture of this unique collection of his, and he seemed to get pretty excited about it too. In the end the picture I used came from his cell phone camera instead of mine; His Samsung has a gorgeous quality camera. Only thing is, it's very motion sensitive; the slightest nudge and your picture will blur. And somebody like me, who has never had a steady camera hand, should not own that type of phone XD

Day 67: Defined.

I really didn't have any ideas for this prompt XP In the end I decided on taking a picture of the solved crossword puzzle from the day before that was underneath the new crossword puzzle.

Day 68: Beauty In The Ordinary.

Getting to take this picture was a stroke of luck. I was leaving work after doing a closing shift on Sunday, moving towards the front door because I wanted to grab food from the A&W outside, a route I don't typically take because it involves more walking. I happened to pass several stores, including this lovely window display in front of Suzy Shier, where I've done a lot of shopping recently. It looked so picturesque, I couldn't help but take a few quick shots of it.

Day 69: Old And New.

I actually got to use a quote from the show Black Books for this caption: "Books! Old and New!" XD This is a shot from my mother's bookcase actually. I'm waiting for a more optimal moment to take a shot of my own bookcase for this photo-a-day challenge.

Day 70: From Your Window.

Looking at this picture now, I'm actually quite proud of it :) I found a good filter, and I think being able to see the screen of my window helps the photograph instead of hindering it. Man I can't wait until the rest of that snow melts. . .

That's it for week 10. I hope I continue to do well when week 11 rolls around. Let me know what you think of this week's selection of photos.

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