Tuesday, March 18, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 11

This was yet another week where I got really behind on my pictures. I actually posted / took a big chunk of these videos today XDD But nevertheless, let me show you what I've got!

Day 71: Fresh

Recognize this beautiful invention? :) I keep this hanging on my dresser knob in my room so I can sniff it any chance that I get, like a cookie junkie XD Or maybe an air freshener junkie . . .

Day 72: Favorite Colour

Look! It's my favorite colour, and my favorite flavor! Two birds! :P

Day 73: Shamrock

This is something I received for my 19th Birthday from my friend Morgan, who I've known since kindergarten. I haven't used it yet, but not because I didn't like it because I loved it then and I still loved it now. For whatever reason I've had it in my head that I should try growing this thing at the right time. More than likely whatever is in there has expired right now, but I still want to give it a shot one day anyway.

Day 74: In Flight

Yes, this is a picture from a past blog post XP I could not think of a single thing to take a picture of that would fit under the prompt 'in flight.' I figured this would work because these postcards are on their way, through air mail (which of course gets delivered on a plane, aka 'in flight') to Russia and Germany. These two postcards together certainly make for a pretty enough picture though - and the filter really helps a lot!

Day 75: Perspective

I know it's not exactly 'perspective', but it's close enough XD I'll be featuring this picture in my next Love of Words post actually, so look forward to seeing it again soon!

Day 76: Changes

The season is changing, the season is changing, the snow is finally melting, oh my God oh my God!!! XD True, everything is kind of muddy and gross right now, but it will be nice when it stops being so wet out and things dry up because it`s super hot out because it`s SUMMER! XD I like spring and all, but I`m very eagar for summer to get here.

Day 77: Postcard

It's like this prompt was made for me! XD Instead of digging up any old picture of any old postcard I've received over the past couple months, I quickly snapped a shot of the postcard that I received in the mail today! Since the back says 'Postcard', I decided to use that as the official picture, but I really wanted to include a picture of the front because the picture was cute and so perfect and I really wanted to show it off.

That's it for this week! Looking forward to the pictures I'll be showing off next week to all of you :)

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