Wednesday, March 26, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 12

If there's anything that this week has taught me, it's that I need to resist the urge from rushing with pictures when I find myself falling behind with this Photo-A-Day challenge. When I do this, the quality of the photos I take lowers as a result. From now on, as part of this New Years resolution that I've been keeping up with so far, I'm also going to make sure not to rush photos just to get a photo taken that day and not really caring what it is that I'm taking a picture of. That stops here :)

Day 78: Metallic

This colour is more luminescent than it is metallic, but I still say that it works! This is one of the 4 colours that I recently received as part of my first Black Sheep Lacquer subscription, and it's incredibly gorgeous. I'm still wearing this colour now, and it actually matches my winter coat pretty well! Speaking of which. . .

Day 79: Green

What you are looking at here is my Kelly green winter jacket hanging in the closet. Truthfully, the most time this thing spends in the closet is during the warmer months - I usually sling it over a chair during the winter, since it's the only coat I wear outside during the winter. I received this coat as a gift from my mother in 2012, and I squealed as soon as I saw it, because I'd always wanted a green winter coat.

Day 80: Around The House

It was around here where I started to draw a blank and started to fall behind on my photo taking. Even so, the caption behind this picture is true, where I said that even in March, we still have a bunch of Christmas movies lying around the house in various places. My mom's the Christmas movie fanatic, so she's the one that's picked up and purchased the majority of these. Of course a few of my personal favorites can still be found here in this stack.

Day 81: Simple

Ever since we received these lamps - either my mom ordered them or my grandma ordered them and gave them to us as a gift - I've always been fascinated when I sit and study the artwork on the lampshades. The paint is on the inner side of the shade, so the outside of it has a softer look, and it's very pretty. We've had these lamps for years now, and even today I still find them extremely pretty.

Day 82: Soft

Again, another prompt where I was drawing a blank XD Even so, this picture's not half bad! This design is one of the 100 that I received in the recent box of Pattern Postcards that I received from This design is Raw by Kindah Khalidy. I wonder who I'll end up sending this postcard to in the future. . .

Day 83: Open Space

Yep, that's pretty much it . . . Just an open space, in my living room . . . That's a Cricut box in the background, which my mom uses for her various crafts. I'm sure that if I had a mind to figure out how to work the Cricut, I'd be much more adept at making homemade cards to send out in the mail to my friends and family.

Day 84: Whimsical

This book is a compilation of various stories related to love - romantic relationships, family, friends, over sickness and war and old age and politics and other varying factors. I'm only in the family section right now, but so far I've fully enjoyed reading this book. I'd been eyeing it in the bookstore since we had it out on display for Valentine's Day all throughout February. I recommend it to anyone that is in love with. . . well, love! <3 p="">

Even if it's not my favorite week, it's still a complete week of photos! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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