Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Brithday IGGPPC!

Can't believe it's been a year already!

Well, it hasn't been a year for me, exactly, but it has been for the IGGPPC, and for that I couldn't be happier!

I actually didn't join until April or May I believe, when my friends first started telling me about it and one of them eventually sent me a link. I signed up immediately, and as soon as I could, I signed up for a pen pal! I want to say I got in on round 3 of pen pal pairing. That was when I was paired with Diana, and we have been tight pen pals ever since!

Getting a pen pal (or two) hasn't been the only thing that's changed in my life since becoming an iggle of course. Shortly after joining the site, I also started vlogging for the first time, which was a nerve wracking process, but I still managed to get a video out on my scheduled date. The 1 year anniversary of the vlogiggles will be coming up in April, and I shall definitely have some special posts and videos to share with you guys when that time rolls around.

Vlogging opened me up to a lot of things. Having to think about my geeky interests to share in each video really opened me up and made me think about how I as a geek view myself, and with vlogging and the IGGPPC forums I think I was able to really come into my own.

I honestly don't care how cliche or silly this sounds in writing, but I know for a fact that I was a completely different person this time last year, and the reason I changed so much and began to feel so much more fufilled with my life is because of the IGGPPC. It's such a welcoming community. Truthfully it doesn't matter what sort of interests you have, whether it's anime and manga or crafting and baking, you will undoubtedly find somebody that shares the same interests as you and you can be enveloped by all kinds of warm-hearted, geeky love from all of the site's members.

I've found 2 pen pals, gained a decent number of Twitter followers, and made so many friends thanks to this site. Above all else the IGGPPC is a community, and they have remained true to that throughout their first year of operation. If I figure out a way to truly express just how much the IGGPPC has changed my life in the past year, I'm sure I will, but in the meantime I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

Hopefully I'll be able to put together a video to wish the IGGPPC a proper Happy Birthday soon! Until then, this will have to do. Thank you to all of the founders, and all the current administrators and moderators and contributors to the official blog +5 Charisma and to everybody else, all the members included, that help to keep the site running. Here is to many years more!~*

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