Friday, March 14, 2014

Vlog Alert! - My First Time


I'm back to making videos, at long last! It's been bugging me for a while that I've gotten so behind with making videos, and the more time passed, the more it bugged me.

Truth be told, I experienced something of a panic attack yesterday - not that it was related to my not having made a vlog in 3 months, but it was a whole bunch of other things that were beginning to pile up in my head, and I just got overwhelmed. I couldn't go to school and I spent the day resting because I knew I had to work in the evening and I couldn't get out of it.

While I've had problems with anxiety for a long time, I'd never been too susceptible to panic attacks. The one that happened yesterday was minor, but it still gave me the excuse to relax and just do nothing for a while. Things have been so busy and I've been so go-go-go for the past couple of weeks, this was nature's way of telling me that I needed a break.

When I got home from work, for whatever reason, I felt compelled to make a video, and that's exactly what I did! I put on a comfy shirt, found out what the topic for this week was, filmed my video, than a while later I began editing. It was uploaded today, along with my first custom thumbnail, which I'm planning on doing from now on with my videos.

Also, once I get a rhythm going and post a few more photos on the vloggingiggles channel, I'd like to start making other videos and posting them to my personal channel.

So anyway, here is the video, telling you guys a bit about my firsts. Enjoy!

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