Monday, April 14, 2014


Items In My Mailbox: 2 Items!

Item #1: Postcrossing Postcard from The Netherlands!

This postcard is particularly exciting, and not just because of the amazing and colourful image on the front. The sender wrote to me about how it is actually lucky to make and then give somebody a paper star, which I did not know before and I think is pretty awesome! She told me how she received this postcard when she ordered some Japanese-themed items, which means she has the same love for Japanese culture that I do! AND, on top of that, she wrote about how she enjoys writing long letters to her friends and said that if I was ever interested in writing her a letter to just let her know! I couldn't help but jump at the chance! I have a feeling that a new pen pal relationship has just been born - hopefully now that school is over (for the most part) I'll be able to keep up if I get multiple letters at once in the mail.

Item #2: Nail Polish Subscription from Black Sheep Lacquer!

How exciting is it to get a bunch of new nail polishes in the mail? The great thing about these subscriptions from Erin - who is still one of the nicest people EVER, which I feel I must reiterate with every post I write about BSL - is that what you get is a surprise every time! It even works really great for people who aren't the biggest fans of surprises either, because upon signing up for your subscription, you can communicate one-on-one with Erin about what sort of polishes you like receiving and which ones you'd rather live without. Maybe you're not a fan of glitter, or a certain colour.

For example, I already own a ton of polishes in Pink - most of them are my mother's, because she doesn't like to get too adventurous with her nails. So all I have to do is tell Erin "No pink please!" and she'll make sure that I don't receive any polish that I don't like, yet the element of surprise is still there. It is a very awesome system, and it works so well because Erin is so very nice and accommodating with her customers :) Keep it up Erin!

The specific shades that I received in the larger bottle are "Lemon Drop" (obviously the yellow one) and "Farore" (the greyish-blue - Farore is what's written on the bottom of the bottle but I'm not entirely positive what the word means XD). Each subscription comes with 2 pre-established polishes in a larger size, and one small polish that hasn't been released on the site yet. The mini bottle is my favorite out of the bunch! The colour didn't photograph well, unfortunately, but hopefully it will be on my nails soon and you can all see how awesome it looks. It's a darker blue/purple colour with these gorgeous flecks of glitter. It's unnamed, but it is super pretty, and I can't wait to try it out!

I'll keep you all posted with what comes next!

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