Thursday, April 24, 2014


Happy Belated Easter everyone! The picture above is the beautiful card that my mother made me for Easter, decorated with pretty striped paper and an Easter bonnet. It also came with a Wal-Mart gift card and a HUGE Kinder Egg. Are all of you Americans jealous? ;)

Going Out In My Mailbag Today: 4 Items!

 Items 1-4: Postcrossing Postcards to Belarus, Japan, The USA & China!

Lots and lots of Postcrossing today! I'd been meaning to catch up and I finally had the time. The card with the butterfly on it is headed to Belarus. The lady that will be receiving it had very specific instructions on the kinds of cards she liked to receive, and at first I was afraid I was going to find anything that would match the criteria. Then I came upon this card in my Pattern postcard box, and this pattern was designed by Victoria Garcia. The blue Polaroid with the horse figurine is headed to a mother & daughter in the US - the daughter likes horses. When I wrote my message on the card I made sure to express how much I admire it when families use Postcrossing as a family activity :) The blue Polaroid of the sky is headed to China, to a sender that also had specific requests, most of them things I wouldn't have access to in Canada. Luckily one of the requests was Natural Landscapes, and while that image is more of a sea scape than anything, I certainly hope that she'll like it. The one to Japan is my absolute favorite, the Pokemon-themed card. The recipient is a HUGE Pokemon fan, and when asked what my favorite Pokemon was, I wasn't sure at first before I decided on Pansage. She also mentioned that she liked to draw, and I asked her if she wouldn't mind sending me a drawing sometime, and/or maybe we could exchange some unique cards. I'll let you know what her response is when she replies back to me :)

Items In My Mailbox: 1 Item!
Item #1: Postcrossing Postcard from The USA!

Very unique image on this postcard, am I right? This card actually came in an envelope with my address and a whole whack of stamps on it, much like the stamps used by fellow Postcrosser Patricia. I'm guessing that the sender chose to do this because of the sheer volume of stamps. Because of this, I can show you the back of the card without the fear of revealing my home address, so yay for that! One thing that made me do a double take is where the sender chooses to use the word "geek" as synonymous with the word "weird", so that was a little odd. It was interesting to learn that this Postcrosser was originally from Poland. In my thank you message I mentioned that my experiences with the states are limited - I've been to Florida once when I was 8, and I went to Buffalo once to see the 2nd live action Death Note movie, but that's about it. I think it'd be great to visit all the fellow geeks I know that are living in the states - my RP partner, my pen pals, and of course my fellow vlogiggles!

I'll keep y'all posted until next time!

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