Monday, April 28, 2014


Items In My Mailbox: 2 Items!
Item #1: "Special" Postcards from Amazon!

Truthfully the package came from China, but I ordered these through Amazon. These were ordered along with my Pattern postcards and the Modern Vintage ones, as well as the Box of Kisses postcards. They just came packaged in a simple plastic sleeve once I opened up the mailing envelope, and each postcard has a picture of an international structure, most of them from Europe. The majority of them are pictures taken of things in Paris, although there is one London postcard that I recognize, because it's one I received as a Postcrossing card a while back! So I thought that was pretty nifty :)

Each of the postcards in this pack (there are 9 in total) has some sort of kind message plastered on the front, along with the picture of a famous landmark. They say things like "To Someone Special", "Thinking of You", "Happy Day", and "Best Wishes", which I found to be rather nice. I hope that when I use these cards for Postcrossing, or with my pen pal,s I won't just be sending along a card, but a kind message that will bring a smile to their face :) That's the hope at least.

Item #2: Postcrossing Postcard from Russia!

I wish I could've taken a picture to show you the cool stamps that were on the back of this card - 5 of them in total! - but they're of course a bit too close to the address to get a really good shot. The sender told me her name was Anastasia, and immediately she had my attention. When I wrote her a thank you message I felt compelled to tell her that I've always been partial to the name Anastasia. I've always liked the idea of long, beautiful, historic names, especially when in modern society they can be shortened to cute nicknames, like Anne or Annie. I've probably been hooked specifically on the name "Anastasia" since the animated movie came out (which for the longest time I thought was a Disney film XP I was wrong). But I like a bunch of long, beautiful names like that, such as Evangeline.

While this doesn't fit with the "long" category, I've also always really liked the name Lilly. Two L's in the middle, just like that. I always figured that if I ever had kids, and if I had a girl, she would be Lilly. Although those other names are tough to beat as well XD As to why I've decided to ramble on about names this time, I haven't a clue, but oh well!

I'll keep you guys posted!

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