Thursday, April 10, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 13

Another week where I got a little behind with my uploading, but I've tried to stay more or less caught up with taking a photo every day. Sorry that I'm posting this way later than I usually do! But without further ado, here they are!

Day 85: Movement

I had actually intended to use this pic for my post, since I was sending this card off to fellow geek girl Patricia. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and I only took one picture and it was incredibly blurry. When I saw that the prompt for the day was 'Movement', I figured a blurred photograph worked better than anything else I could think of, so that's what I went with! XD

Day 86: Cropped

I had zero ideas for what would work for this prompt - it's one thing to crop a photo, but how do you take a picture of something wen it's clear that it's been cropped? Then I looked up and saw this magnetic tree which sits on my desk. I'd printed off this picture for a frame that was part of a gift, but I measured wrong so when I physically cropped it, so it was the wrong size. So I decided that keeping it there on my desk was a good enough.

Day 87: Full Speed

Oh this was a good day. . . XD On Friday, the used video game store by my house was having a liquidation sale! After my Friday morning errands, I only had to wait in line outside for 20 minutes before being let inside to the holy grail of discounted games. On my first trip I picked up 6 XBOX 360 games and 2 DVDs to use up the gift card I got for my birthday. When I went back with my boyfriend, I picked up 4 more DVDs. Heading to procrastination at Full Speed!

Day 88: Opposites

This was taken at the hospital at the end of my volunteer shift. The caption I used was, "I want the Opposite of this cold, gloomy weather, do you hear me?!" XD And I really do. Luckily the majority of the snow has disappeared, and it's beginning to look a lot more pleasant outside. Apparently my pleas to Instagram have worked! :D

Day 89: Fowl

I know this picture is definitely more "canine" than "fowl", but I was completely stuck for ideas - not to mention, the internet could easily use more pictures of my adorable, pain-in-the-ass dog, am I right? The reason I chose this picture is because I thought she had quite the "fox in the chicken coop" kind of expression.

Day 90: A Leaf

Yes, this was all I could come up with! XD Truth be told, I've actually been getting back into Animal Crossing a lot more lately. Now that I've got school out of the way for a while, it's actually nice to kick back with my 3DS every once and a while. If anybody would like my friend code, let me know in the comments below and I will send it to you.

Day 91: Love

Looks delicious, doesn't it? We had a potluck for our last day of medieval class. The only rules we had regarding what food we could bring in was that there could be no peanuts, because there were students with severe allergies in the class. The other rule was that all of the food had to be easily eaten with just our hands - because there were no utensils in the medieval ages! And while there were sandwiches there and such, I decided on sticking to sweets. And I grabbed a few apple slices so that I wasn't be completely unhealthy XD

That's it for this week! I'll be posting the next week very soon!

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