Thursday, April 10, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 14

Yay, more photos! This week I can blame school for my getting a bit behind with uploading my pictures. Now that I've got a bit of a break, hopefully I will be a lot more on the ball with my pictures.

Day 92: Spin

This is actually some art that is painted one one of the walls outside of my British Romanticism lecture. I couldn't find an artist's signature anywhere, otherwise I would've tried to credit the artist in my caption on Instagram.

Day 93: Foolish

Yeeeeah . . . I doubt this photo needs any sort of explanation. But to provide a teeny bit of context, this was taken on the last day of my Medieval lit. class. My prof brought in the hat and breast plate, offering to take selfies of anybody who wanted to try them on (she took this picture with my phone - I don't think she knows how selfies work XP). It certainly made for an interesting picture!

Day 94: A Bow

Bows are one thing, but bow ties are way better! This is actually a picture I took of one of the prizes that will be included as part of my Spring Giveaway happening on the 15th! I picked out this item special for the other LBD fans out there - hopefully whoever wins will appreciate this memo pad for all its worth :)

Day 95: More Than Two

Clearly I have more than two rolls of washy tape, which is why I'm so happy that my mom gave me both of these washy tape dispensers that she picked up at Michaels during a shopping spree she went on with her sisters. Got a whole bunch of other stuff too, which I'll hopefully get the chance to show off in future posts.

Day 96: Storm

I'm not sure if you could technically call it a storm, but we had a LOT of rain this past week. Luckily I was cooped away writing final papers, and the one time I did have to go out, my mom's boyfriend drove me to work, which was super nice of him. This picture was taken on the first day when they turned off the water works, with the sun nowhere around to start drying everything up. Luckily it's looking a lot less gloomy now . . .

Day 97: Texture

For not having too many ideas for this picture, I'd say this one turned out pretty great! I kept trying to think of things that had weird textures that I could take a picture of, and my mind immediately went to the brightly-painted fridge magnet I bought during my trip to NYC in 11th grade. The second picture is also a NYC souvenir, a really pretty frame. Our group that was on the trip (it was a trip for our school's vocal ensemble) had just taken a massive picture including all of us, so I knew I was going to have a great shot that needed a frame.

Day 98: What's in Your Bag?

Any opportunity to show off my awesome Great Gatsby tote bag! I'm especially proud of it because I got it free at work - they were going to be tossed out in the trash, so my coworker asked me if I wanted one. Inside my bag at the moment I have 2 books, some receipts, a coin purse full of cards and expired bus tickets, and a mailed notice from my bank.

That's it for this week! Now that school's over and the weather is becoming more pleasant, I hope I'll be able to take even better pictures! Almost at 100 days, guys! :D

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