Friday, April 18, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 15

It's been 100 days of taking photos, congrats to me and everybody else who is still participating in the 365 IggleBug Photo-A-Day challenge, as well as those who are participating in other Photo-A-Day challenges all over the internet. This week there was no set of photo prompts due to our ringleader having a few emergencies to handle, so I did my best to think of my own pictures. They probably seem a bit random, but randomness is a part of life, so I'm sure that's the point. Anyway, here are my pictures.

Day 99

This picture was taken of the front of the postcard I recently sent out to my pen pal Diana. Truth be told this isn't the actual card I sent out, but I got a whole pack of them for Christmas, so I grabbed another one to photograph since I'd already mailed out the postcard. I sincerely hope she's a Princess Bride fan. If she is, I have 2 other Princess Bride card designs that I can send out to her as well if she wants.

~*Day 100*~

Here's a photo I took inside of Ryson's Music Studio. When I was first interested in starting with violin lessons a couple years ago, my cousin recommended Ryson's. When she went out to describe the place, she chose to describe it as "grandma's house on crack" because of the varying - and surplus - of knick knacks covering every surface and wall of the joint. She was right on the money too! This is just one of the pieces in the "lobby" of the music studio that's joined to the store.

Day 101

Now I took this picture to prove something of a point. When I posted my picture for the prompt "Love", it was of a plate of desserts from the potluck hosted by my medieval class during our last lecture of the semester. On the plate were a few Timbits, and fellow vlogging iggle Joanna commented on Instagram, calling them "donutt holes." This might just be me, but "donut holes: sounds a little strange and vulgar, at least to a Canadian ear - plus I'm so used to calling them Timbits, which I've been doing since I was a kid. So I took this picture to show Joanna where the Canadian name comes from.

Day 102

Saw this in front of us at the Tim Horton's drive-thru (another picture brought to you by Tim Horton's), and it made me smile, so I quickly snapped a picture. Yes, I know photographing a car when it's not for insurance purposes is a bit creepy, but I couldn't resist! I doubt it's an official bumper sticker from the graphic novels or the movies, but with the hammer there it still made me smile, so I decided to just roll with it. Can't keep the geek inside contained for long, after all!

Day 103

Recognize this? XDD When you own a treasure as unique and amazing at this one, you can't help but upload the picture of said treasure to as many platforms as humanly possible. I mentioned wanting to frame this shirt in my Instagram caption, and those that commented back definitely agreed with me. It's also reassuring to know that there are other geeks/people out there that are just as obsessed with the Cornetto trilogy as I am - aside from my boyfriend, of course.

Day 104

Not sure what stood out to me about this little section of my hair dresser's garden, but as I was waiting for my ride home after my appointment the other day, this section of the garden caught my eye. The majority of the garden is currently barren, since it's not warm enough for too many flowers to stop popping up, and if it weren't for the house in the background and the surrounding area, you might think this was a larger tree casting an equally large shadow instead of a garden-sized specimen.

Day 105

It's impossible not to smile when you've got a sun-shaped smiling sun sticker smiling up at you so brightly, am I right? This was attached to a letter I recently received from my pen pal Diana. I haven't started responding to it yet since I just got it in the mail yesterday, but I'll be starting on it soon. My next post will also include pictures of everything that Diana sent me along with this letter :)


  1. I grew up in Michigan and just moved to Colorado last year, and this post made me realize that Tim Hortons may be the thing I miss the most (sorry, Mom and Dad! ;D.

    Also, where did you find Princess Bride postcards?!

    1. I got them for Christmas, but I know where my mother ordered them from -