Thursday, April 24, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 16

Another week bites the dust! I may have gotten a little behind with uploading photos this week - I blame the long weekend, it messes everything up. Even so, I'm pretty proud of the photos I took for this week. Let's take a look!

Day 106: Basket(s)

This is my current Animal Crossing: New Leaf character :) I've been waiting for an excuse to use a New Leaf picture for a while now. This basket was claimed from giving 6 different types of Easter eggs I found to Zipper T. Bunny! I also ended up winning the entire collection of egg-themed furniture, and I turned my back room into something of a spring-themed spare bedroom. I ended up winning a whole extra 2,000 points from the HHA/HRA/whatever they're called XD If anybody would like to see other pictures from the game, or wants me friend code, post in the comments below.
Day 107: Dramatic

In my head, there wasn't anything dramatic I could think of, but I ended up going with the dramatic contrast of light and shadow, as is seen from the light coming in the window of my grandmother's living room. I actually took this picture while I was at her house on Easter visiting with my cousins - also while hiding out in the living room and reading my book XDD

Day 108: Bubbles

Originally I wanted to take a picture of the bubbles from my favorite soap whilst washing my hands, but then came the problem of trying to take a picture with wet hands, so I settled for this collection of bubbles floating in the glass container that held Easter Sunday's dessert before being put in the sink to be washed. I wrote on my caption how bubbles stop being fun when they're involved in washing the dishes. Truth be told, I don't wash the dishes at home - my mother rinses them and loads them in the dish washer, and it's my job to unload XD I know, I'm spoiled.

Day 109: Looking Down

Here is a shot of the floor between my side of the bed and my dresser - and yes, it is a colossal mess right now. There's a bunch of clothes and garbage, and the furry green thing is a pillow I use in bed for when I'm sitting up. One thing I unfortunately didn't notice until I had already uploaded this photo is there a clear shot of one of my bras there in the photo XP That's a tad embarrassing . . . Oh well, c'est la vie!

Day 110: Well Used

Here is a shot of the spot on my desk where frequent use of my computer mouse has begun to wear down the wood finish of my desk XP When I took the photo it ended up looking like some kind of weird white milk stain, when actually it's a very similar colour to the chocolate brown of the desk. That's why I decided on a black and white filter, so it would look a little less like some sort of creepy stain :P

Day 111: Seasonal Colours

I was originally planning on trying out one of my new nail polished from Black Sheep Lacquer for this prompt - specifically the yellow one called Lemon Drop, since it's definitely made up of spring colours. Since I didn't have the time to do my nails, I stuck with snapping a picture of one of my favorite manga characters, Tohru Honda from Frutis Basket. This is actually a picture of the front of one of the anime DVD cases - I own the whole series in a special edition box. I've been re-reading the manga volumes lately, it's been quite the nostalgic experience.

Day 112: Urban Art

Here is a painting that I have hanging on the wall by my bookshelf/behind my door. I got a wicked deal on it too! It's titled "Carnival", and it was made by Trevor Blewett of St. Catharines. I bought it during a festival that was happening along St. Paul St. in St. Catharines a couple years back. This painting was included in a silent austion, and I jumped at the chance and was the first and only person to bid. I absolutely adore this painting  - it spoke to me as soon as I saw it - and I love having it on display in my room.

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