Monday, April 28, 2014

The Geography of You and Me - YA Bingo

Book Completed On: April 27th
# of Pages: 337
Bingo Category: A Book Set In Paris

Gotta love book loans at work; just as efficient as a library :) This book just arrived at our store recently, and once I noticed the mention of the two main characters using postcards to communicate with each other, I jumped at the chance to give this story a read.

The basic premise is this: the son of the super, Owen, and long-time resident of the building and of New York City, Lucy, find themselves trapped together in the elevator during a blackout. On that night they form a connection, but shortly after the night ends, both of them find that they have to move away, Lucy heading to Europe and Owen driving around the US with his father. They decide to keep in touch, through both postcards and emails, so that they can try not to lose that connection.

I think that a lot of lady geeks out there can relate to Lucy, who instead of making friends at school would much rather curl up with a good book. She buys a book in pretty much every location she visits with her parents.

While there isn't a very big chunk of the book that is set in Paris, Lucy does visit there with her mother, and there's a particular sight in Paris that is significant to the story: Within Notre Dame, there is a plaque on the ground that marks Point Zero, aka the exact center of Paris. Lucy tells Owen about this while they are spending the night of the blackout together, and she eventually gets to visit this spot, stand on the plaque and make a wish.

All in all this was an enjoyable book. The story carried along at a nice pace, and there was actual growth to be witnessed in not only the two main characters, but their flawed family members, and that was very refreshing to see.

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