Monday, May 19, 2014

12/05/14 - 16/05/14

It's been quite the active mail week! While it felt like I wasn't getting much in or sending much out, when I look back I can see that there's definitely been a lot happening, and I can't wait to share it with you!

Going Out In My Mailbag: 5 Items!
Item #1: Giveaway Package to Lucky Honora Banks!

I finally got my giveaway package all put together and sent off in the mail! It arrived quickly too, Honora got it within 4 days! She said that she's so excited to open it up and check everything out and she hopes to publish some photos on Instagram of all of her new loot. I really hope she enjoys it :)

Items 2-3: Postcrossing Postcards to Germany & Russia!

I finally got a chance to catch up - at least a little bit - with my Postcrossing cards. I felt in the mood to use some of the cards from my Pattern box. The card on the right is headed to Russia, to a lady who not only likes graphics and illustrations (which is why I chose that card), but also really likes anime and manga, especially Studio Ghibli movies. I spent the entirety of the card rambling about how excited I was to see "The Wind Rises" whenever I get the chance XD As for the card that's off to Germany, I feel like of stupid XP The recipient asked to hear about a holiday that occurs in our country, so I mentioned Victoria Day. Thing is, I gave the wrong date by saying it was on the 26th, not the 19th XP My bad!
Item #4: Belated Birthday Card, Pin & Notebook to Fellow Vlogiggle Amber!

So Amber's birthday was on the 2nd of May, so this card is definitely belated. But I hope the fact that I found such a bad-ass card will make up for it. I knew as soon as I saw this comic book-themed card that I had to give it to one of the geek girls I know. I also decided to include this Animal Crossing pin with it, which I picked up along with a bunch of other pins at the Halloween event hosted by the people behind Anime North. I hope she likes it :) I also included the notebook which I was supposed to give her after I attempted a video giveaway, which is a much more belated gift than her birthday XP Either way, I hope she appreciates it.

Item #5: A Little Love Note to My Boyfriend.

I really enjoy getting the chance to send my boyfriend little trifles in the mail, and he seems to really like it. Normally I sent him a card with some sort of sample of writing that I really enjoy. I've sent him short stories, and once I sent him an article from Psychology Today. But this time, I just sent him a cute little card with a sweet message, just to say hi.

At first I worried that he wasn't going to like the things I sent him, or worse he would just pretend to enjoy me sending him things to my face. I really did worry about that for a while, but soon he did something to show me that he really did appreciate it. As you may know (and you will inevitably learn this by the end of this post), I have a slight addiction to washi tape, and I've got a whole bunch of it, as does my mother. I mainly use it to seal envelopes, to make sure they'll remain closed in the mail, plus they look really nice. One thing I happened to notice one night when the two of us were watching Sherlock on his laptop was that on the left side of his keyboard, right along the edge, was the blue washi tape that I used to seal the envelope on the last card I sent him. And he received this card pretty quickly too, and soon I saw both the washi tape piece and the Papyrus sticker decorating his laptop. It's such a small thing, and he doesn't have to do it, but he does, and it makes me really happy :)

Items In My Mailbox: 8 Items!

Items 1-3: Postcrossing Postcards from Finland, France & Singapore!

Lots and lots of Postcrossing cards to be had! The comic-style card on the top-left is pretty cool, plus I always love getting cards from France. The image on the front depicts a story about how the red-haired lady in front of him reminds him of his lost love, and in the side plot bubble the story is given the title "The Other Girl" - it's very creative :) The Moustache Pig made me laugh XD I don't really play Angry Birds though, I'm rubbish at it XP And the Singapore card is really cool, it's actually a special edition card that was made to celebrate 50 years of tourism in Singapore. The majority of the card's back was made up of a printed description, leaving only a small window for the sender to write a message.

Item #4: My +blacksheeplacquer Subscription!

Now, before I get into just how gorgeous these colours are, I have a little story to tell. When I received this package, it came in a little bag from Canada Post with a note that said my package had been damaged. Now honestly I couldn't be too surprised; given that I've been getting things in the mail on a regular basis since December, so it's actually a miracle that I've only had one package damaged in all that time. Of course, that means I'm probably due to have something get lost in the mail sometime soon, which is unfortunate :(

Anyway, as you can see, the bottles in the picture are perfectly fine, not a scratch on them. But the packaging they came in was pretty banged up, something got caught on it and it got torn right through. The reason I wanted to write about it was that if Erin, the amazing shop owner, the name behind BSL, hadn't individually wrapped each of these bottles in bubble wrap, they definitely would've been toast. But here they are, perfectly in tact. So Erin, if you're reading this, good job :) Your packaging each bottle carefully helped to protect them from becoming nothing but piles of glass and glitter, so thank you :)

Item #5: Letter, Card & GLITTER from My Friend Tory

So it's been a little while since Tory's been able to respond to my letter, and I honestly don't blame her; she's got 2 jobs, and she's incredibly busy. Even so, she felt really guilty about not being able to write in a while, and she decided to make it up to me by sending me sparklet . . . lots of sparkles. I more or less got glitter bombed XD

Item #6: New Tripod & Case from Henry's Camera Store

I've been needing a new tripod for a long while now. I bought my first and only tripod in 2009, right before I went with my school's vocal ensemble on our trip to New York City, since it was my job to film the whole thing. I've used it ever since, even when the crank on it broke. I'm very excited to use this new one :) And it doesn't need a crank, which is awesome!
Item #7 Free Sample/Essence Eyeliner Pen from Shoppers Drug Mart

So it turns out, being a Shoppers Optimum member holds some perks after all! Out of the blue I got this really cool eyeliner pen in the mail, and I always love getting free stuff :) I tried it out immediately. It really does write just like a pen, which is really awesome. Here's a look at the result:
Nice, eh?
It's not perfect, but then again I find it hard to put on eyeliner perfectly w/o using tape XD
Item #8: My Order from +ModCloth!

It's here, it's here, it's finally here! I was so excited to receive the order slip for this on Friday! I've been waiting not-so-patiently for this order for a bit now, and I was ecstatic to pick it up from the post office. One thing I ordered was a pair of Mailed It! socks, which I couldn't resist buying. I doubt I'll wear them too often, because they're too cute to wear holes through, and I will probably refer to them as my lucky socks. The main part of my order was the Indigo Gardens dress, which I've been in love with from the moment I laid my eye on it, and even after reading the reviews I continued to be in love with it.

The third item was the Rays The Bar umbrella. I'd been not only wanting a new umbrella, but I loved the idea of this one because it was so colourful! I love colour, and that's why I wear a Kelly green coat in the winter, because all the dark winter coats floating around bore me so much. I had fun taking pictures with all three items as well!
Gotta love the mail! :) That's it for now. I'll keep you guys posted!
Oh! Before I go, just a few more pictures to show off (to end an already long post XD). Here are some shots I took of my very first trip to Michaels. My mother has gone before with her sisters, and she's brought be back some really cool stuff, but this was the first time the two of us got to go on our own. I'll also show you guys a complete shot of my entire haul! Can you tell that I have a bit of a washi tape addiction? XD

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