Tuesday, May 27, 2014

19/05/14 - 23/05/14

Items In My Mailbox: 2 Items!

Items 1-2: Postcrossing Postcards from Russia & India!

A bit late with my mail post again, sorry about that! It might be easy to blame serious matters and real life, but really my being late just has to do with laziness and the recent release of the new game Watch_Dogs XD

So with such a momentous week of mail before, this one appears to be much simpler, with only receiving two postcards in total and nothing else. The second card arrived from India, with a very unique picture decorating the front. It still amazes me how long it can take mail from certain places to arrive when it's so much shorter from others. This postcard from India was dated the 30th of April, and I received it on Friday, May the 23rd. This postcard took quite the journey to reach me.

The first card arrived from Russia. I very much like the picture on the front, but what I probably enjoyed the most were the unbelievably adorable stickers decorating the back, all of them sparkly. One was a spotted mushroom, the other a frog, and another that I thought were milk bottles for whatever reasons but must actually be paint bottles because they have "colors" written on them. All of them are quite adorable, and I made sure to mention them in my thank you message.

Going Out In My Mailbag: 1 Item!

Item #1: Ms. Marvel Issue 2 to My Facebook Giveaway Winner!

In my defense, it was not my laziness or Watch_Dogs that delayed me in getting this sent out. The original winner of the giveaway never responded to my message after the allotted time I gave, so I had to pick a secondary winner. I was afraid my second message wouldn't get returned either, but soon enough I received an email! This comic book is headed out to a lovely lady in California that I hope will really enjoy it. I also included a card (which gave me an excuse to try out some of my comic-themed washi tape) with a brief message. Along with thanking her for entering the giveaway, and thanking her for being a reader, I asked her a few questions about herself, specifically what her top 5 geek loves are and how long she has been interested in comic books. I'm not sure if she'll message me back in any way to answer my questions, but here's hoping!

That's all for now! I'll keep you guys posted!

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