Saturday, May 3, 2014


Items In My Mailbox: 1 Item!

Item #1: Soap & Relaxation Kit from The Little Flower Soap Co.!

I decided to get ahead of the game this year for Mother's Day. Normally I might think of a gift with enough time, but there's always something I'm scraping together the night before. Usually it's the card. But NOT THIS YEAR! I am completely prepared, well in advance. When I saw this little kit available on Etsy, with multiple options to customize scents (for the soap & bath salts) and flavors (for the lip balm), I went to my mother with my laptop, telling her I had some questions to ask her, since I wanted to make sure I would get this completely right. I listed off scents and flavors for her and asked her which she preferred, and she looked mildly confused, which is always a fun look to bestow upon my mother's face. Then, I asked her a semi-unrelated question, that being, "You don't mind crude humor, right?" This really confused her, which is what I intended. That question has nothing to do with this gift set, but it does have to do with the card I decided to order for her, which will hopefully be coming in soon. It made my series of questions random enough that she won't be able to guess what she'll be getting from me come May 11th. 

Normally, I keep up the proud tradition of making my mother a card. She has always loved homemade cards, ever since I was little, so I try to indulge her in this as often as I can. Like I said, normally I'm up late the night before, and what I end up with looks very half-assed. But I reiterate, NOT THIS YEAR! XD As you can probably tell, I'm very proud of myself for being on my game this year. Since I'm not making my mother a card to go with her gift, I decided that I should still make something, and I decided to make her a tag that I will stick with her gift for after she's read her card. To go along with the relaxation theme of the gift, I knew whatever I made was going to say "PS: You Need To RELAX", and I'm very glad that I ended up with exactly that :) The reason I decided on a bath-themed gift set in the first place is because my mom's been working really hard lately, and I thought that I'd give her something that could help her relax, even a little bit. I hope she'll like the tag too. Since a lot of the things inside the kit are lavender, I wanted to keep that theme going and I used a lot of purple on the tag, like for the distress ink used on the letters spelling "RELAX" and the ribbon and the liquid pearls I used in a couple places on the card as well. I really do hope she'll appreciate it :) 

That's it for now! I'll keep you guys posted!

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