Saturday, May 3, 2014

365 Photo-A-Day Challenge: Week 17

Another week down! I seemed to do pretty well with all but the last two prompts, which took me a while to get pictures for. Take a look at what I came up with:
Day 113: Stairs
So the blue in the picture isn't technically a stair, it's actually just a bench located in the changing room at the newest clothing store in Seaway Mall, Maurice's. I went with my girlfriend who needed to buy an entire summer wardrobe, which had been accidentally thrown out during the winter. I ended up trying on a dress, a gorgeous orange one, which is what I'm wearing in the picture. I ended up going back to the store and buying it the next day :)

Day 114: Smiles
As you can see, the Mickey Mouse on the shirt that the mannequin is wearing doesn't have a mouth. In the caption for the photo I fake-freaked out that his smile was missing, which just seems wrong. The top is cute and all, but to me a smiling Mickey is better any day.

Day 115: Splash
Right there, sitting in front of me, was a big ol' puddle in the mall parking lot that I was furiously fighting the urge to jump into. Unfortunately, my shoes weren't waterproof, and I knew that walking home with wet pant legs was going to be incredibly uncomfortable. I'm tempted to invest in a pair of rain boots so that I can get that piece of my childhood back :)

Day 116: Breathe
There's nothing like a beautiful sunset to take your breath away. This is the second picture I've uploaded of a sunset as seen from the visitor's entrance of the hospital. One was taken in the winter, and this one, of course, is a spring sunset. I'll have to remember to take similar pictures in the summer and fall as well.

Day 117: Lucky
I received flowers as an Easter gift :) Aren't I a lucky girl? My mom's boyfriend brought two Easter bundles when he came to stay with us last weekend, one for me and one for my mother. I got light pink tulips and she got a bouquet that was a darker pink. We also each received a pink bunny rabbit basket filled with goodies. In mine I received a bag of jelly beans, 2 sticks of Starbursts and 2 Kinder Eggs. 

Day 118: Edited
This is one of the prompts where I got really stuck. In the end I stuck with the picture where I tried on my sister-in-law's sunglasses and wrote, "Edit a simple boring pose with a hat and sunglasses to suddenly look mysterious. IT'S THAT EASY!`:P

Day 119: A Group
Here's a shot of the bookmark I recently received from fellow vlogiggles Ashley and Joanna, as seen in a previous post I wrote. I plan on using this bookmark for the next book I pick up :) I'm incredibly proud to be a part of a great group like the vlogiggles.

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